5 Ways To Balance Your Hunger Hormones


5 Ways To Balance Your Hunger Hormones

Hormones that suppress appetite….wouldn’t we all love it from the core of our hearts? Suppressed appetite would mean eating lesser food, less calorie consumption, less obesity and above all, less food to be cooked :P. Yes, there are hormones which play a vital role in regulating our hunger ….surprising!!! Isn’t it?

Any imbalance in these are sure to cause some ailment in the body. Hypothalamus, located at the centre of the brain has a bio-chemically powerful area called Arcuate Nucleus, which regulates the hunger and satiety signals. The two major hormones that control the hunger and satiety cells are ghrelin and leptin.

Ghrelin is produced by the stomach and travels to the brain where it turns on the hunger cell and turns off the satiety cell.

Leptin is produced by the fat cells of the body and travels to the brain where it turns on the satiety cell and turns off the hunger cell.


The imbalance of leptin and ghrelin are the root cause and consequences of obesity. More the fat more is the production of leptin; and eventually this excess leptin makes the body resistant. Thus it is needed to optimize the levels of leptin so that there is an increase in the body’s sensitivity to leptin and the levels of leptin are raised as and when necessary.

Certain foods and nutrients help in balancing these hormones. They help in regulating these hunger hormones and thus aid in stabilizing the metabolism and prevent obesity. These nutrients balance the leptin levels. Hunger hormones can be balanced by including or excluding certain food items from daily consumption. There are other methods and ways too that control the hormones. Natural methods are always better than those hormone injections or other medications.

Here, it is mentioned in a gist –

5 Ways To Balance Your Hunger Hormones

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1. Eat Protein

Protein is essential for the body. It does good in many ways. Increasing protein intake improves body’s leptin sensitivity as well. This results in lower intake of calories. Lower calorie intake prevents obesity too to a great extent.

Some protein-rich foods are – yogurt, legumes, eggs, peanut butter.

2. Eat Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that aids many functions in the body. It helps in controlling hunger hormones, by raising the leptin levels in the body.

Some zinc-rich foods are – beans, nuts, whole grains, and dairy products.

3. Eat Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

This is a type of Omega 3 fatty acids. It stimulates leptin production by increasing the metabolism of the glucose produced from the food that is eaten. Some other type of Omega 3 fatty acids may result in temporary decrease in the leptin levels, which sometimes helps in boosting slow metabolism.

Some of the foods rich in EPA are – it is mostly found in cold water fishes like salmons etc.

4. Avoid foods high in fats

When we eat fatty food, leptin production gets hampered. Thus the system that makes us feel full doesn’t work properly. This makes us eat more and consume more calories. Body also starts storing fats and leads to obesity.

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5. Sleep well

Ghrelin regulates sleep as well. Irregular and less sleep is associated with the imbalance in the ghrelin levels. This makes us sleep less, dream less and eludes good night’s sleep and makes us feel more tired. Dreaming stimulates leptin production. So, in absence of adequate sleep, we tend to eat more the next day and also experience a slower metabolism. So, adequate sleep is essential for balanced hunger hormones and vice-versa.

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This is just a short list from many of the natural ways to control and balance the hunger hormones. Understanding your body and paying attention to these little but important signals plays a very important role in keeping the body fit and healthy. It keeps the metabolism rate also stable and prevents obesity. What else do we need? Isn’t it?

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  1. Dona, fats are not bad for the body unless consumed with high carbs. High carbs and high fats are a deadly combination. However, fats do make you feel full. For a simple example, a teaspoon ghee in daal will make you feel more satiated.

  2. Agreed…. But the consumption should be within feasible limits. And, those who already suffer from obesity and sleeping disorders should rather be cautious. Otherwise, as you mentioned Tarun, fats are good for the body, and are rather a part of the basic requirements of the body. Depriving our body of fats can cause problems.

  3. Dona, nice post but I too would like to add a point here…. as Tarun said ‘Fats make you feel full’, it is a fact but you are also right in saying that those who already suffer from obesity and sleeping disorders should be cautious. Now my point is that why not change your way of eating?? My own experience with low calorie and low carb has proved that low carb is better. Latest research also says that fats are good for health. Frankly speaking, I would love to pick up a way of eating (woe) which includes lots of healthy fats for the upkeep of good health of my joints and that FULL feeling, while cutting off all wheat related foods because it makes me feel sick, all the more hungry and lost .

  4. true….& one of my upcoming topics is about the same subject.
    Problems due to wheat related foods is surprising, since wheat has always been a staple food. So, what do you use in place of wheat?

  5. Nothing I am off all grains and living on veggies,dairy,eggs,and cheese. at times when I do wheat, I start wheezing so wheat, no its not for me… and I am happy about it. 🙂 Low carb food is my way of eating. 🙂

  6. Same pinch 😉 . I do eat one roti once in a while, mostly mixing flours. Wheat gives me headache n nausea. For me, rice works better than wheat n brown rice is great. I use organic brown rice for my satisfaction but God knows how organic it is.

  7. But are these foods as filling as wheat? coz only rice &/or veggies se pet nai bharta mera….. & i start getting those hunger pangs in no time….

    How do i get rid of this? Which other flour can i use instead of wheat?


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