Are You Ready To Lose Weight?


Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

Most of the people will simply say ” I want to lose weight” or “Kal se dieting or exercise” “Today only I will eat pasta or maggi, kal se to full on dieting “.
What do these statements tell you? To me these statements express Fear… Fear of giving up on your favorite food, giving up on your unhealthy habits, giving up on your laid back routine and start exercising …

In short, a fear of Change drives the resistance to lose weight.

I am going to play a Quiz and let you answer a few questions so that you can judge your readiness to lose weight. Let’s begin –

Are you ready to give up on your favorite not so healthy food ?

You can be ready to lose weight once you accept the fact that there is no returning back from this long journey of weight loss. You must be willing to make permanent changes to your lifestyle.

If you think that you can lose weight in a few months and get back to eating unhealthy again , you must be Alice in wonderland !

And by the way –

Are You Ready To Lose Weight1

What is your weekly goal ?

If your answer is anything more than 2 kgs, please don’t lose calories to read any further. You are not ready at all !

Set realistic goals. Anything between .5-1 kg is an achievable goal and 1-2 kg is an ambitious goal. You may say that a lot of people have lost so much weight in a few months ! Its common sense that a heavier person will lose more weight since he/she has more to lose unlike a person who has last few kgs to lose. Learn how to set weight loss goals here.

Are You Ready To Lose Weight2

Who are your partners in crime 😛 ? I mean who are your supporters ?

If your answer is your best friend who lives in US and you live in India, you are not ready to lose weight. I don’t mean to demotivate you by meaning that an individual can’t lose weight alone, but it is certainly very difficult and needs highest level of motivation. Weight loss journey would be easier when you have supportive people like friends and family around you. Only supporters can push you to keep going at times when you are demotivated.

Its a virtual world and you can find supporters and friends anywhere. Like they say in hindi” Neeyat honi chahiye” . I live miles away from my family with friends who are foodies. I have a few special people who support me but they are nowhere close at a distance ! Now what ? I bug them on Facebook, whatsapp and wherever I can get hold of them ! You will be amazed to know that sometimes behaving like a chipku keeps me motivated 😛 . Day before yesterday , I bugged Ana for half an hour you see 😀 .

Are you stressed or confused?

Stress is the biggest villain of weight loss. Everyone has struggles in life, if you can learn to keep stress aside and dare to stay motivated, you are ready to lose weight. How to get over stress, read here and here. You need to stay focused all the time. If you are confused how to proceed where to start, find a person who has gone through the journey.

Are You Ready To Lose Weight

Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

If answers to the above questions fit the ball , then bang go ahead, you are ready 🙂 ! If your answers indicate that you are not ready, halt and think … think through !

  • What holds you back ?
  • What are your obstacles ?
  • What can motivate you ?
  • How can you overcome your obstacles or fix things up ?
  • Who are the people who can help ?

Figure it out ! Take control of your life ! If I can, so can you !

P.S – A few tips to prepare for weight loss here and reasons you are not getting results here to help.


  1. nice post yeah !!
    my goal is reduce 1 kg in two weeks and i avoid sweets chocolate reduce the number of coffee intake
    I do have a diet partner. but sometimes both of us cheat our diet.
    But i can never avoid carb intake dearie..
    i am not stressed but confused
    I am great maggie lover but have completely stopped eating it.
    I bake a lot but never eat any single piece of cake. infact I dont wish to eat those .

  2. hii Tarun,
    Totally brilliant article!! Actually makes one think and introspect. my target is to lose 3 kgs before my Himalayan trek in june.

  3. I always look forward to your posta. Tarun ur posts always connects with us
    Brilliant article. My goal is to lose 2kg a mnth. Eat healthy n cheat meal twice a month n consistency in workouts:-D

  4. hey thanks so much Rupali, you made my day 🙂
    i dont like writing things which are not practical..after all we are humans not machines.. we cant run on yes and no , 0 and 1 😀

    yes, cheat meals keep your motivation strong. m planning to have paani puri on saturday, whats say 😉 ?

  5. U write so well, Tarun! It is always look forward to your articles….

    I plan to loose 1 kg a week but after two weeks give it up….i need to focus…my weight is struck for such a long time now…loosing inches because of Walk at home vidoes (a big thank to Kanan) but not loosing weight…reaslised my diet is the biggest culprit…

  6. Sometimes losing weight is easy, but maintaining is oh-well tedious.. Im eating healthy, every 3-4 hrs, boosted my metabolism.. but lazy to exercise, except for the dog walk..

  7. my comment on this blog. my target is to stay fit forever, may be 5 kg lighter on my next birthday. i can’t have ambitious goals as i can’t think straight with empty tummy.

  8. Welcome aboard Shambavi 🙂 . You cant lose weight if you starve. You can lose weight by eating though 🙂

  9. Regina, thank you so much for your kind comments. I feel accountable because of people like who acknowledge hard work that IWB team puts in 🙂

    I think you should take 1 day at a time. don’t think long term. Think per day and eventually celebrate end of the week with a cheat meal ! That will keep you motivated !

    I always tell myself, il get to eat say Paanipuri if i drop 1 kg this week else i will have to strictly diet for 2 days…. see punishment and rewards take you a long way 🙂

  10. Great straight write up Taru.. 🙂
    Whenever I am tempted to eat unhealthy, I look in the mirror, visualize my better body if I avoid the delicacy and pass through the temptation.. 😉

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