Best Indian Weight Loss Program-Join Us


Best Indian Weight Loss Program-Join Us

Dear All,

We started IWB Weight Loss Program a few months back and we have had a roller coaster ride ! We have had some amazing experiences. We guided a lot of clients and learn a lot from them too.

We do share a lot of testimonials and client results on WiseShe every week and perhaps missed the IWB audience. I received a lot of requests from people to share a few success stories.

IWB feels proud to share and applaud our clients. Here they are –

Client 1

Starting Weight – 73.2 kgs

Current Weight after 2 weeks – 69.7 kgs

Weight Loss in 2 weeks – 3.5 kgs

Best Indian Weight Loss Program-Join Us

Client 2

Starting Weight – 76.0 kgs

Current Weight after 25 days – 69.6 kgs

Weight Loss in 25 days – 6.4 kgs


Client 3

Starting Weight – 86 kgs

Current Weight after 3 months – 71.9 kgs

Weight Loss in 3 months – 14.1 kgs

She has stayed with us for 3 months and what a journey ! See for yourself !



indian weight loss


The pic below is of a very sweet lady who has dropped 11-12 kgs in 3 months.

iwb weight loss program

At the risk of sounding like a brat, I believe that IWB weight loss program is the best so far. I myself have been under a nutritionist’s guidance for months and no program will offer you daily tracking to make sure that our clients are on track.

We don’t give you diet plans only ! We make sure that our clients follow it and do whatever it takes.

  • Customized diet plan for every individual.
  • Fortnightly diet plans & follow up.  We never let you get bored with food and low on motivation.
  • Instant communication with the weight loss team through mail.
  • Personal attention  is the key word  as Mentors are appointed to connect with you. They are your FPG – Friend Philosopher and Guide. 
  • The program is based on Low Carb lifestyle and results assured. 
  • No starvation.
  • All links to the recipes provided in your Meal Plans.

We have helped more than 40 people to lose weight and counting.

                                                    “We change numbers on the scale and lives too.”

If you have a few pounds to lose and health and a whole lot of praises to gain,

join us today!

Email us at



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  1. Tarun!!This is some inspiration girl, keeping my fingers crossed that I lose some too. I can’t thank you ladies enough. Great job y’all! 🙂 XOXO Btw every time you say xoxo, I remember Gossip girl soap 🙂

  2. Y’all just contact iwb they are awesome and will make sure you all lose…like promised by Tarun, I have been shedding and evrytime I meet friends after a while they all say that I look great!!you rock IWB!!!holler out to ya’ll

  3. iam a 32 years old with 2 lovely girls … and stubborn upper body fat especially upper and bottom belly life in a mess due to this fat …cant wear beautiful clothes …low confidence ….please help ..
    current weight : 74 kg

  4. plzzzzz help me shed some weight.. i m 54kgs with chubby face & belly fat wanna lose some in next 2 and a half month

  5. I want to lose my weight and don’t know what to do? So please help me to lose my weight and also I am not regular in my monthly periods.


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