Britannia Cream Cheese-Cream Cheese India


Britannia Cream Cheese-Cream Cheese India

Heya Everyone,

I recently tried Britannia Cream Cheese and could not resist sharing the experience with you.  I have never picked up processed cream cheese from super market until a few days back. I find Cream Cheese in India to be crazily priced ! The most inexpensive I saw in a near by supermarket cost Rs 340 for 200 grams. Are you kidding me , huh !

Most of the low carb food items are insanely priced in India, God knows why! I don’t understand why fast foods are cheaper than real food which do nothing except making people fat and spoiling their health 🙁

Anyways back to the topic – I got my hands on Britannia Cream Cheese and it tastes heavenly 🙂 !

processed cream cheese india

Those who love dips like sour cream or mayonnaise will like this cream cheese too. Britannia cream cheese has a little sour taste and I did not notice any change in its taste even after a week of refrigeration. Its consistency is just right;thick and creamy !


Rs 199 for 180 grams.

photo 2

I think its packaging is great. Usually cream cheese is available in brittle and heavy glass jars. This one is paper plastic, so even if you throw it, it won’t break, I mean I am just saying 😛

brittania cream cheese

This cream cheese had a small .. emmm not small but a very tiny leaflet like recipe book glued on the lid. I opened it with excitement to see with what dishes can I relish this cream cheese. My excitement went in vain 🙁 . I don’t eat biscuits and junk that I can dip in cream cheese.

How Do I Eat Cream Cheese?

  • I lick it, just like that 😀 . I am totally sane, don’t worry ! Half a teaspoon is enough if you are craving cheese.
  • I topped it up on omelette and it tasted oooh so good.
  • Next time, I will add it to soups may be 🙂

Nutritional Information per 100 grams

  • Energy(kcal) – 301
  • Protein(g) – 75
  • Carbohydrates(g) – 25
  • Sugar(g) – 0
  • Fat(g) – 29

Overall, I find this Britannia cream cheese value for money. You can always make cream cheese at home, that’s the best way obviously. For those who don’t have the time, can go for this one 🙂 , You wont be disappointed !

What is your favorite brand of Cream Cheese?

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