How Climate Change Is Affecting Health?


Find Out How Climate Change Is Affecting Health!

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The effects of global warming are already affecting our natural environment and all of us are well aware of this fact. When the environment is not safe how can we be safe? The extreme weather conditions and pollutants in air and water can pose a serious health threat to us humans!

Check out what research has to say about the dangers of climate change and how climate change is affecting health!

1) Climate change threatens food supply

The rise in temperatures, heat waves, floods, droughts and winter storms can make it difficult to grow crops. There are also chances of food spoilage and contamination.

2) Extreme temperatures can increase chronic health conditions

Sun- Do you suffer from body heat

High temperatures increase the levels of ozone pollution in the air and that can lead to respiratory disease. Exposure to high temperatures for a longer period is associated with an increased risk of hospitalization for kidney, cardiovascular and diabetes related conditions.

3) Climatic catastrophes are mentally damaging

The wildfires, droughts and floods due to climate change can take a toll on the mental health of humans. People lose their homes, farms and businesses due to climatic catastrophes.

5) Air pollution

Rising air pollution in New Delhi can lead to respiratory problems

High levels of air pollution affect people with moderate to severe asthma and make them more likely to suffer from an acute asthma episode.

6) More of CO2 means less amount of protein

The rise in CO2 levels is known to increase the carb concentration and reduce protein and essential minerals in plants. As you know, a high carb and low protein diet is no good.

7) Pollutants are dangerous for unborn babies

Pregnant woman holding her stomach on beach

Unborn babies who are exposed to urban air pollutants are more likely to end up with depression or anxiety later in life.

8) There can be water related illnesses

In developing nations, fresh water supply can be threatened due to varied patterns of rainfall and the risk of diarrheal diseases increases. Every year diarrheal disease kills more than 7 million kids under the age of 5. In developed countries, water bodies can be contaminated with industrial chemicals. Industrial effluents being discharged in water bodies is a growing menace. Strict measures have to be taken to stop it.

Since the 1960s, the no of reported weather-related natural disasters have tripled and all the credit goes to climate change. More than 60,000 deaths are accounted every year due to these disasters.

Take home message

However, you need not lose heart as of yet. It is not the end of the world, at least not till you take steps to protect your environment. You need to protect the health of your planet just like how you take care of your own. Go green, opt for sustainable promises and make it a point to protect the environment. Even a tiny step by you can be the beginning of a massive change. Each one of us can make a huge difference!

Hope you found this post on How Climate Change Is Affecting Health useful!

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