Dhoom 3 Movie Review and My Cheat Meal


Dhoom 3 Movie Review and My Cheat Meal

Today is Saturday and I just could not wait till Sunday to relish my Cheat Meal :D. BTW, what made you land up here ? Dhoom 3 movie review or my Cheat meal or both 😛 ? Asking so that I can fulfill your expectations :D.

Let’s talk about the movie first !

Dhoom 3 as you know is a multii starrer movie casting Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Katrina Kaif.

Dhoom 3 Movie Review and My Cheat Meal

I just could not take my eyes off Aamir ! I tried hard, very hard. He is a perfect example of “Chotta Packet Badda Dhamaka”. I cannot find faults in him at all. Salute to him for training so hard for 2 years to get his looks right for this film. His abs and shoulders are to die for ! He is not bulky like in the movie Ganjini, still so athletic. I can write an essay on Aamir and his determination.. his zeal..his passion..his discipline… his ability to push his boundaries every time …. Ok , I stop here !

Katrina is dead drop gorgeous ! Look at her built –

katrina-kaif-dhoom 3 movie review

She now dons her most sculpted body here in this movie. If you thought her abs were breathtaking in “Chikni Chameli”, watch the song ” Kamli”. I can bet you would be spell bound. Of course, you can’t compare Katrina with Aishwarya in Dhoom 2. Aishwarya has a slender frame and she managed to look extremely lean. Katrina has a wider frame, but she is at her best fitness levels here in Dhoom 3. I won’t comment on her acting 😛  but she danced aaah so well ! I cannot forget to0 metion Sunidhi Chauhan who sang the song “Kamli”. I am hooked to it !

Abhishek Bachchan is the Super Cop again ! He carries off the role with ease, thanks to his ooh so masculine looks and height. He doesn’t have a lady love in this movie :P.  Uday Chppra, I am short of words. He is one who adds humor to the movie but I found him with irritating at times. I somehow dislike chipku guys anyway 😀 !

The bikes, the graphics, the sets add much needed Oomph to the movie. Its a must watch when it comes to the visual treat ! The story as expected from any Hindi movie is not original :P(no offence). Dhoom 3’s script is inspired from a very famous English movie but I am not going to reveal its name here. I don’t want you to hit me ! A lot of my friends said all nice words(read all words that are muted by beep beep sound ) when I told them the secret :P.

I cheated today , Yaaaaaaaay ! My favorite caramel popcorn ! I can die for them. N I drank a little cold drink too :(. N a cheese burger also .. bas itna hi :P. I did not feel guilty, nor did I think about calories ! I just sat back and enjoyed my weekend 🙂

What are your plans for your weekend and the much awaited Cheat Meal ! Let me know 🙂



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  1. Yes tarun that i understood, but abhishek bacchan ki taarif thodi zyaada ho gayi :P, considering his good voice and height, thodi mehnat body banane mein kar leta to duniya se aaj thodi kam gaali khaa raha hota :P. After all in the world of glamour, it matters a lot !

  2. You cheated…hehehe

    i have been cheating since a week but back to my healthy eating now..

    Dhoom 3 is getting mixed reviews lets see how i find it 🙂

    Happy weekend 🙂

  3. Oh I hated the movie! None of us could keep our eyes open within half an hour or so of the movie. Can you believe that I liked Action Replayy better than Dhoom 3? he he. Aamir was good for sure. Katrina hardly had any role over 2 songs. The action scenes were al illogical and the center piece is the bank being looted but not once did they show how the bank was looted. That was the utmost stupid part!

  4. Cheaters’ Post!!
    Even I cheated on Sunday.. Had a Sandwich with lil potato filling for lunch :p But then I had to compensate by not having or rather not getting a single bite… I repeat!! Not even a single bite from the burger my bf had while watching the movie. n I didn’t even order Popcorn ;( (SACRIFICE)
    As for the Movie.. I didn’t go for Dhoom yet though I will for Aamir n Abhishek. I love them both on screen of screen, in shape no shape :p :p I just adore them. But, I caught up with Hobbits.. n blushed d moment I saw Orlando Bloom :p :p


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