Diet or Exercise – Who is the winner in Weight Loss?

Diet or Exercise - Who is the winner in Weight Loss?

Diet or Exercise – Who is the winner in Weight Loss?

Whenever I have joined a gym, I would tell the instructor on the first day that I wish to lose 5 kgs weight in one month. We all love quick results right :)? So I always dream to become a hottie in a quickie πŸ˜›

Diet or Exercise - Who is the winner in Weight Loss ?

The instructor would always smile and ask me about my eating and sleeping habits. Rarely has an instructor asked me for how many hours have I been working out!

He would then guide me on what to eat and what not to eat. My thoughts β€œ Oooh God, I wanted to hear about my workout schedule and he is giving me a diet regime, I haven’t paid the gym fees for this β€œ!

The incident came as a surprise to me a few years back but after so many years of struggle to lose weight, I have embraced the fact that you cannot exercise out a bad diet, period!

Let us find out –

Diet or Exercise – Who is the winner in Weight Loss?

Then why do we spend so much in the gym? Don’t worry, I am not asking you to stop going to the gym :P! Exercising is important, it’s like icing on the cake! But what if there’s no cake? Diet is synonymous to cake here. Without proper healthy nutrition, exercise can’t do much. This is an understated fact.

Some people say that Weight Loss is 80% Diet and 20% Exercise. Some say that Abs are made in the kitchen, not gym! This is true to a great extent. The ratio of diet and exercise in weight loss varies from person to person. For some people, the ratio can be 70:30 or 60:40. It’s difficult to decipher an ideal ratio. Observe your body, listen to it, see what works for you!

I am a 70:30 person. I sometimes cheat on my diet but I make sure I compensate for it later. So, ladies, I cannot emphasize enough how important is nutrition to be healthy and fit.

Here’s a quick note on the importance of diet and exercise:

  1. Eat healthy to be fit

  2. Exercise to become fitter

  3. If you give in to after exercise cravings and have a donut, please read note 1. :d. You are doing more harm to your body with your after exercise cravings!

eat healthy and excercise

Which is your ideal ratio of diet and exercise in weight loss?

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  1. As for myself I don’t want to become that thin by sacrificing soo much for it and working hard for it. So not worth it… We are not models so we are not in the ‘body shape’ business any way! I feel it’s enough to be fit and energetic and not a bundle of bones!

  2. Nice article Tarun… need to watch my diet πŸ™
    Today we had pooris and kulchas in our hostel mess for lunch… I was wondering about which is more harmful!

  3. I want to be super thin and have a amazing fit body….

    To support the article i must say that when i joined gym i use to work out for one or one and half hour daily and hardly lost weight ..after 3 months i switched a diet plan and voilla ! i lost weight.

  4. I wana be really fit but not super thin :P.
    Same thing happened with me too, 6 months in gymn harldy any results . Diet changed and I started shedding !

  5. Not much babes. 2 kgs :P. I am still eating properly cuz my iron tabs have 3 weeks course left and they make me crave. If i dont eat properly, i will end up eating junk which i dont even wana think about !

  6. well said Vani. in fact we need to keep aside those ideal height weight ratio charts too because each individual has a comfort weight zone and we instinctively know it. Most important is to feel healthy.


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