DIY-How To Make Coconut Milk At Home


DIY-How To Make Coconut Milk At Home 

Coconut milk is my new found love. It is extremely filling and has versatile usage. Coconut milk is a boon for people on Low Carb since it makes some great smoothies. Some of the quick recipes which you must try if you are trying to lose weight are –

1. Pineapple pomegranate and coconut milk smoothie

2. Strawberry, raspberry and coconut milk smoothie

3. Four Papaya Smoothies for Weight Loss

4. Eggs in coconut milk

5. Coconut, Mango and Chia seeds Pudding

DIY-How To Make Coconut Milk At Home 

The one and only ingredient that you need is Mr. coconut.

coconut diy

  • Break Mr. coconut into two parts and then grate the pieces with grater.

coconut diy (6)

  • Take a clean muslin/cotton cloth and pour grated coconut over it.
  • Squeeze the milk from the grated coconut, out in a bowl.
  • Filter the milk just  to avoid the small chunks of grated coconut if any.

DIY-How To Make Coconut Milk At Home 

  • Pour this milk in a preheated pan and then cook for 5 minutes.

coconut diy (4)

  • Let it cool down and then refrigerate it.

coconut diy (5)

  • And coconut milk is ready 🙂

coconut diy (2)

This homemade coconut milk would definitely help you save some bucks. Coconut milk in the market is quite expensive, read more here.

Image source – Wise She

Will you try this DIY and make coconut milk at home ?


  1. wow good Taru. coconut milk is a part of our regular diet. the traditional way to extract coconut milk is as follows.. usually we mallus say coconut first milk and second milk. first milk is thick milk and second milk is thin milk.
    once after grating coconut we run it in a blender along with few table spoons of hot water. then we squeeze the milk or first milk and put the coconut mixture back in blender and addd more hot water and run again. squeeze once again you get the thin milk or second milk which you can add in gravies.

  2. We costal guys use coconut and cocunut milk in all our cooking….in veggies, curries, etc…

    agree with mitha..we grind it and then remove the milk….u should eat the coconut milk payasam…it is awesome…

  3. wow that’s great 🙂 . whats your fav coconut milk gravy ? Il also try preparing 🙂

  4. Hey Regina, i will need to prepare it coz it wont be that easily available in Blr. If you know some place, lemme know.
    Il search n try preparing. will seek your help if needed 😀

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