Does Desi Ghee Make You Fat?

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Does Desi Ghee Make You Fat?

Hello All!!

Does Desi Ghee Make You Fat? Now that is a million dollar question!! People feel that desi ghee is fattening and hence have shifted to refined oil. Girls and guys, it is a myth! Ghee is fat and fat does not make us fat. Confused? Don’t be! I will clear things for you.

why desi ghee is good for health

Desi ghee has been put on the back-burner as companies got busy marketing vegetable oils. So, you have ‘light’ oils, ‘low absorb’ oils, ‘low cholesterol’ oils, and what not. All this has come into being just recently and look at the rate at which obesity is increasing! Since thousands of years, we Indians have been eating desi ghee and have not been obese. It is the modern diet that is causing obesity. We are being misled. Here are 4 most prominent myths associated with ghee:

Myth 1:Ghee is fattening

By nature ghee is known to break down fat due to its chemical structure. So, how can it be fattening?

Myth 2:Ghee has cholesterol

Desi ghee is known to reduce cholesterol by increasing the contribution of lipids for the body’s metabolism. The liver under stress produces excess cholesterol. Ghee helps to de-stress and enjoy better sleep.

Myth 3:Ghee is bad for heart health

No, it isn’t. It is rich in antioxidanats, vitamins like A,E,D. It has just what you should be eating for a healthy heart!

Myth 4:Ghee is a saturated fat

Yes, it is but it is not like trans fat. It has a unique chemical structure that makes fat move from stubborn area of the body.

Yay!! Myths busted!

ghee does not nake you fat

Don’t be scared of it! Go ahead and add ghee to your food and make it flavourful! Especially your halwa!! It is not going to make you fat. The ghee made from the Indian cow is the best ghee for health. The second position goes to buffalo ghee. The ghee made from the milk of a Jersey cow has no benefits.

Health benefits of desi ghee you didn’t know about

  • Scientists of India have found out that desi ghee can prevent cancer.
  • Cow ghee increases the availability of enzymes that help in the detoxification of cancer causing substances.
  • Ghee possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties. Apart from helping one recover from illness it makes sure that you don’t get ill.
  • Searching ways to remain young for long well our very own ghee has antioxidants that make it a great anti-wrinkling and anti-ageing therapy. So much for the expensive anti-ageing creams!
  • It is known to oxygenate and lubricate the joints. Good for the elderly.
  • Ghee lets you know when your full and helps you eat the right quantity of food.
  • Ghee can be consume by those who are lactose intolerant as it does not have lactose in it.
  • The fatty acids in ghee are such that they are absorbed by the liver directly and is burnt as energy. For athletes it is a consistent source of energy.
  • It helps in weight loss as the fatty acids in ghee burn the other fat in the body too.
  • It helps in keeping the digestive tract healthy.

Though ghee is very good make sure you control your portions as it has a lot of calories. The best one is that of Indian cow’s milk and if you can prepare it by yourself at home, it is the best thing possible.

Ghee is not fattening! It is good for health!

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  1. I too love desi ghee!! Now you can enjoy the taste of pure ghee in moderation as it does not make one fat! 🙂 Great na!!

  2. almost all the ghee from the dairies is of jersey cows….so isn’t it of that much value?????
    Does it increase fat or is it fit for consumption for daily diet..

  3. I love desi ghee but now a days I reduce my body wait…so eat desi ghee continue…or not..please suggest me..

  4. Cow ghee is fine…but consume it in limit and yes if possible don’t forget 2 sweat out…fine examples of consuming ghee daily can b seen in haryana.

  5. Where to get ghee made from Indian cows milk. Nowadays we only have Jersey milk. So any suggestions for buying good desi ghee ? And where to get it?

  6. When I was a kid I used to eat so much ghee that it should be seen in liquid form on my chapatis and rice. I used to eat small bowl of home made butter fresh from the mixer, and I never got fat. I stopped the butter as I grew since my mom stopped churning it but I did occasionally eat Amul’s butter. Ghee I never left and I was thin still that my mom used to take me to doctors for me to gain weight, I still didn’t gain any despite eating a lot of ghee up till my teens.I just have always had high metabolism. I only started to gain a little when I started ro drink coke and eat fast food available in college canteen. Before 20 years old I never drank coke or pepsi or ate restaurant food or chips etc. I only ate home made food and was very physically active in sports. When high sugar drinks like coke and McDonalds food make me gain just imagine how much it could make other people gain weight whose metabolism is not that high. I only gained 2 to 3 kilos in span of 5 years, strated from 48 kg ended up at 51 or 52 kg. One thing I realised that ghee does not make you fat. Infact from my childhood to teens I used to eat home fried food as well, that too couldn’t budge my weight. I, later, after eating 3 years of fast food in my mid 20s, having gained 2-3 more kilos,felt from inside that I am not healthy. Though my weight was still under the weight limit for my height, technically I was still underweight. But I left all the fast food and pre packed food for health of my organs, ate only hone made organic food, and lost all the gained weight in one and a half month with no physical activity, since my natural high metabolism was still there. If you are looking to lose weight do not do it to look good, do it for health. Leave fast food,preserved food, eat a lot of healthy fat like ghee or olive oil,it is required especially for women. When you eat think about what that food will do to different organs of your body. If you eat clean, you will automatically reach the weight your body is healthy at and is required for proper functioning of your body.


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