Dramatic Transformation- 8 Weeks To Abs And Muscular Body Guide


Dramatic Transformation-

8 Weeks To Abs And Muscular Body Guide

(Men’s Fitness)

Hello people. I am back at IWB Β πŸ™‚ This time never to disappear again (Swear to fitness πŸ™‚ ). Regular followers of IWB would have read my posts before. This time I have brought you a fat loss program that I followed for two months to get rid of all the extra flab that I put in a few months because of some commitments as well as a shoulder injury. I cheated on my diet big time, skipped workouts as well. But finally found a way through it. I will share all the details of what I followed to transform myself.

Before/after transformation

8 Weeks To Abs And Muscular Body Guide

By god’s grace, I never had issues with my weight. I have always looked like in the picture below.Dramatic Transformation- 8 Weeks To Abs And Muscular Body Guide (Men's Fitness)

abs transformation

But in the last few months, I had a lot on my plate. My fitness certifications, my shoulder injury, traveling, and many other things. I was not able to take care of my diet and was not able to make it to the gym and hence started looking like what I look like in the picture on the left below.

So I decided that it was enough now and I need to do something before it was too late. I am a regular follower of bodybuilding.com and there was a program by a fitness celebrity (my favorite) Craig Capurso.Β  It is called super shred 30. It is a 30-day program. Though it was not possible for me to completely follow this program. So I modified this a bit to suit my time schedule and budget as well. It took me to double the time of Craig’s program but I was okay with it. So I was back, ripped, muscular (pic on the right)

dramatic abs transformation

india abs men transformation

men dramatic abs transformation

Components of my program –

The structure of my program is more or less inspired by Craig Capurso’s super 30. I have mentioned these below

No this does not mean low carb. I was never a fan of low carb. There are ways to use carbs intelligently rather than completely avoiding it.

Oh yes, even for fat loss I incorporate weight training. I don’t like to wind up looking a smaller version of flabby me by just losing weight and not improving my body composition.

This was the main change that I saw in the ‘super 30 program’ compared to the rest others. It is tough but helps you burn loads of fat while building muscle at the same time

  • Steady-state cardio:

Well, some people may like to argue. This ain’t good enough for losing fat. But hey, I always believe that all the aspects of training and nutrition are important. Just as I don’t believe in taking carbs off of your diet, the same way, I don’t believe in not doing steady-state cardio.

30 days transformation

I will be writing separate posts for each one of these because all of these may work differently for different people and will not be possible to explain all of them in this single post. My next post will come tomorrow. Stay tuned.

P.S – You can read Rahul’s posts here.

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  1. Hi Anamika. this program as it is would not be suitable for ladies, but yes, it needs a little modification and it will be good for ladies too .

  2. yes .. the blueprint of diet is same for everyone, which of course varies with factors age, gender and activity level. I will share how I did it for me in the next post.

  3. Thanks Rupali. Nice to see you are still active. You always encourage a lot :). I will soon share everything step by step..

  4. Having seen your earlier pics Rahul, I must say “Great”…. and yes anything special coming up for 45+ aunties like me with newfound love with arthritis?? One question…. is it okay to use weights when you know your joints (not a few all of them) are bad?

  5. Hi Kanan, yes I will write posts for all age groups depending upon the requests. I guess the type of arthritis you are talking about is Osteo? well you can always weight train even if you have this problem, just that there are some restrictions. you will be advised to use machine weights (instead of free weights like dumbbells) and isometric exercises since for these type of exercises, the joint involvement is minimum. Apart from these you should also include mobility and fitness exercises to get maximum benefits from your workout routine :).

    Well you for sure are no aunty because i guess this totally depends on a person’s attitude and you are an inspiration for so many of us :).

  6. Hey, Rahul thanks for replying. Ah! I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis inflammatory in nature. I walk a lot (used to jog and run but now doctor has given me a a slow down call. But yes I walk minimum 4 to 5 miles daily at 5mph speed and love doing Leslie Sansone’s Walk at home program. Actually I walk on her extracted audio so know the speed πŸ˜› Now one thing is that I cannot go to gym so machine weights are out but yes have dumbbells 2kg and wrist weight 1 kg. Now what??????
    And yes oh how much I love you for not acknowledging my revered aunty stature. LOL

  7. oh rheumatoid! So a bit complex than I thought. But not a big problem. It is best to start with isometric training for strength. It will be very good if you could also include some mobility exercises along with it. For people with joint problems exercises like cycling and cross trainers are recommended more for cardio but if you don’t find any problem walking, then you can continue with it.
    If you want, I can write a separate posts for what isometric and mobility exercises will be best for your age and condition. Just that i will have to enquire about your little bit of your medical history πŸ™‚ !

  8. That is a really fast result, i am following your program and it really helping me to gain weight, i got 10 Kg in just first 8 months,

    waiting for your next blog…really interesting.

    When it becomes your passion, there is no way to go back. But its no bullshit, complete dedication is required, 50% people leave workout in GYM during their first 15 days, and 95% during first 3 months, because its a real mans’s job.

  9. Awesome brother!!!

    just got the inspiration to tone up my physique…

    will be needing yr guidance throughout…:)

  10. Knowing your dedication since school, I am not surprised at it.
    You can do anything man … it is super and you look fab … hats off!

  11. Wow.. Rahul..

    Just saw your website for the first time… Impressed..!!

    You are a great inspiration for me to workout. I am re-covering from Slip Disc since a year and then I will be back to Gym. Any advice you have for Slip Disc guys..

  12. very inspiring…you have proved that having confidence n positive attitude about your body is a great way to stay motivated about your workout regimen

  13. Bhai… i dunno what to say… its been a long tym since we’ve been face to face… but if this is realy what you look like.. don’t forget to pinch me once we meet.. ok??

  14. This is awesome. Keep doing and share with lots of people to have change in their personality if adopted.
    I will try, but can’t confirm on this vigorous change.

    You are looking too good brother.

  15. Great transformation Rahul. Kudos!

    Can you recommend any thing for Fat Loss. I am 5’8 / 31 years old and weigh 110Kg.

    I visited Bodybuilding.com, any plan you recommend?

  16. Being Fit is Being AWESOME…..
    It is when u invest some minutes to exercise and take pleasure to extract the maximum from your daily life….by being ajile, enthusiastic, healthy, always game for challenges….Being Fit is a feeling, everyone should experience once….and get ADDICTED to it forever……

    @ Rhaul: Keep being Awesome Buddy……Always

  17. agar maine ek baar commitment kar di to main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta..
    a very famous dialogue said by famous actor but i seen you follow it better than him

    do u remember 21 day long programme to quit s…. in LC u followed that was a great example of ur great commitment.

    U have done a great job, it great transformation in u. keep it up bro..

  18. This is unbelievable transformation Rahul!! Great dedication and hard work. I showed this to all of my friends and everyone just said WOW!!!

    If I were in Hyderabad, I would have become your Shishya πŸ™‚

  19. Great job Rahul. Its inspiring. I have been thinking about a good body shaping plan for quite a while now, but now I think its time to wear shoes and follow your footprints.
    Well Done one again Rahul.

  20. Its really Amazing!!!!!!!

    I personally know Rahul since last 7+ years,it has been a amazing transformation in his body and most importantly for a software engineer. I really appreciate his efforts and dedication!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    keep it up Man!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. is it really possible to develop this kind of boby in just 8week only m gyming for more than 6month. plz help

  22. Hi Prashant .Yes, it is definitely possible. but it depends on a lot of factors. The first thing is if your goals are realistic. Second thing being are you eating the right amount of calories. If you have calculated your macros properly and following them consistently. What kind of workouts you are doing and with how much intensity. Could you tell me about all these in brief so that I can help you?

  23. Hi rahul
    Seeing your transformation reminds me of my days when I was going to the gym regularly. But then I quit. And now after seeing you I am again motivated to go back.
    Will need your help and advice.

  24. The next “HRITIK ROSHAN” !! Good going bro πŸ™‚
    U have redefined the meaning of transformation.
    Gimme some tips bro .. Very inspiring

  25. Great Rahul! I admire your balanced life between your passion and profession I had heard that time you spent for your passion will give you energy for your professional life. You are an inspiration.!

    btw, is it really possible to drastically change our physique only in 8 weeks? If possible, does it have any negative impact on our body due to such rapid transformation?It may be possible to dedicate ourselves for 8 weeks but not possible for long time.how it will effect if our maximum effort gradually reduces to minimum after 8 weeks?

  26. Hi Kiran.. Very valid questions. Yes it is possible to do it in 8 weeks provided you are not a beginner and have some good level of experience because the exercises are tough. So if you are not used to them, they might cause injuries. There are no side effects really except for the fact that you might feel a bit tired plus you may feel distasteful because of the strict diet.
    And this program is to reach the best possible state of your body in a short time. If you keep doing some sort of physical activity after the end of program and do not cheat with your diet too much, you will stay more or less in shape πŸ™‚ !

  27. Rahul Dada .. i know … i mean i have been ur pg mate and a good buddy have seen u.. its moivaribg indeed as we dnt find time or feel lazy to keep ourselves fit.. atleast in my case its the scenario.. have seen u how hard you worked for this .. “fit” body .. keep going bro.. you are inspiration for all of us .. and for others readers who might think this pics and story seem unreal.. think again .. coz i know this guy .. keep rolling man

  28. very nice Rahul.. this is the result of your consistency and concentration towards Body Fitness..and inspiration to others by making this valuable and advisable post is also a good did. Good… keep it up

  29. I’ve known Rahul for 10+ years… what a transformation ?
    His dedication – I’ve to salute… once I’ve seen for studies in 2nd year of engg and now for past few years on fitness…. U’r an inspiration dada…. mauj garr!!

  30. Most men desire for having a great body, is just an integral part of masculinity. In this process out of 100 men who hit the gym may be 80+ dropout in first couple of weeks itself due to various reason, but remaining 20- men with real passion for achieving a great physique makes it to a success, involves lot of patience, pain, hard work, discipline but a true commitment makes it attainable.
    Have gone through this article Rahul – its not just about you making it after your efforts, i liked your idea to enlighten folks about the process
    YOUR article reignited the spark of desire in me to get on it, i may get in touch with you on email shortly πŸ™‚ you are best person to get tips and training.

    Congratulations man..!

  31. What an inspiration! Quite a good read and liked the insights on the fitness routine. Looking forward to the next article on diet plan if you can.

  32. What a Remoulding.

    This transformation really deserves a salute.
    I can imagine the real hard work and pain behind this transformation.

    Truly Inspirational Rahul.


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