Drew Canole Juicing Experience – 5 Day Juice Fast

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Drew Canole Juicing Experience – 5 Day Juice Fast

Hi everyone!

I read a lot and this is the reason you will see me experimenting with lot of things all the time. The latest one is Drew Canole juicing experience – 5 day juice fast

I am someone who enjoys life everyday and is up for any challenge which life throws at me. Those who know me must be knowing that like most women, I was a PCOD patient but then had a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to my daughter two years ago.(21 months to be precise)

I had put on 14kgs of weight infact 16 kgs as I was on medication before conceiving which also made me put on 2 kgs. After my daughters birth, I managed to lose somewhere around 9 – 10 kgs with the help of a dietician and gymming but my weight then stalled. I then switched to low carbing which  helped me lose weight a bit more but still it was stalled. I wanted to break my previous before pregnancy weight as well which was just  not happening.

Below is my weight loss progress.

Drew Canole Juicing Experience - 5 Day Juice Fast

Picture on the left is a year old and on the right is the one which I did on  our fashion blog recently. If you notice my curves are back and arms looks much more toned. My stalled weight loss broke after I read  this $2 book of drew which is – Train your taste to trim your waste. By the way …Isn’t he just too handsome 😀

Drew Canole Juicing Experience - 5 Day Juice Fast

It’s a very simple book and if you are into low carb you must be knowing 99% of the things which he says but there is something very motivational about this book which made me follow it. So I definitely advise you to go for it .It hardly costs anything anyway considering the amount we women spend on weight loss products every now and then.

What is Drew Canole Juicing programme all about ?

Drew first tries to trim your taste by asking you to go 21 days low carb high protein diet. He is ok with having vegetable smoothies .Also fruit smoothies such as having strawberries and almond milk smoothie in breakfast. Also, he allows you to take one day off as a cheat day. You can have all the three meals as a cheat meal or  those who are disciplined can just restrict themselves to one cheat meal.

After completing 21 days when you have trimmed your taste by reducing carbs he asks you to go for the five day detox. I think those 21 days when I was on low carb diet worked for me. I just couldn’t do jucing before. Headache, dizziness etc are some symptoms which I have previously experienced and I wasn’t sure if I will be able to do it but it was seriously easy for me.I was going for my daughter’s school admission, swimming, walks etc. First day I was feeling a little low may be because I was not confident enough but later, the days were a cake walk for me except the last day when I didn’t have eggs and slept off. That day I had q headache at night. The  rest of the four days were perfectly normal for me.

But I also believe that it depends on person to person. As I have been low carbing and have been in control since quite a long time it was not that difficult for me. Infact in juicing, I had orange juices, melon juices which I generally don’t take on daily basis due to high sugar content in them. I completely enjoyed having them these days.Infact I miss them now the most.

Also, Drew tells us to stick to juicing and not to add the juice pulp when we are following the five day plan.You will agree with this point when you read the book.There is no point me giving you the logic and you judging me on it.

Few things which I still did which I wasn’t suppose to do were –

1) I had my tea every day. My tea had bit of milk, 1tsp coconut oil and 1tsp butter with cardamom powder and a bit of cream in it.I had this every night before going to sleep.This was not allowed but I just couldn’t part away from it .I just managed to stay away from it on the last day of juicing.

2) Sometimes when I felt really hungry I had coconut milk and few strawberry shakes which too was not allowed.When you are juicing that means you are only juicing and you are not supposed to take shakes no matter how healthy they are.

Rest of the things I followed diligently. I had coconut water twice, orange juice twice and rest of the time carrot and beat root juice or apple and pomegranate juice.

3) First three days you are supposed to stay completely on juices and the next two days you can have egg whites in one meal.You can google drew five day detox plan and you will get pdf in the first five searches it self.

Result  Drew Canole Juicing

Even after not following the regime compltely, I  lost 3 – 4kgs and best part is that my weight loss which had hit a plateau got over. I can now easily lose more weight if I want. I lost more in inches though. My arms are more toned and there are no love handles which I absolutely hated.

What I learnt from Drew Canole Juicing ?

1) Don’t cheat.I used to cheat in one or two days every now and then. One bite of this and a bite of that. Its better to have one fixed meal once a week and enjoy it. Moreover low carb diets have so much to eat that you don’t feel as if you are missing on anything.

2) I am going to make juicing regular part of my life. Especially the vegetable juicing and not fruit juicing as much as I like to.

3)Do some work out. Be it in the form of walking , swimming or anything.You feel much better and lose weight rapidly.

4) It’s not about losing weight its all about trimming taste which we find just too damn difficult.

I highly recommend Drew Canole juicing. It will definitely help you out especially to those who always say that they work so hard but still aren’t able to lose weight. Follow the complete 4 weeks plan and feel the change. You yourself will be surprised by the changes.:)


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  4. Wow Anamika this indeed requires a lot of determination 🙂 I lost about 10 kgs with GM diet in three weeks.. I so agree that u do need to train ur body to accept low carb diet.. You are such an inspiration to all of us 🙂 M starting my diet again..

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