Tips To Eat Right When Away From Home


Here Are Tips To Eat Right When Away From Home

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Do you travel often? Whether it is due to work or just a get-away, there is one thing that you cannot change. And that is eating out. Eating food at eateries and restaurants while you travel can sabotage your ‘eating clean’ plan. You would typically consume 200 additional calories in a day and gulp down excess sugar, sodium and saturated fat.

Travel and health

Everything seems easier to handle when you are at home. You have complete control over your meals and know what to carry to work. However, travelling cannot be ruled out. Here are some tips to eat right when away from home:

1) Share your food


If you are out in a group, use it to your advantage. When you can’t stop yourself from devouring a cheese loaded pizza or some chicken tikka, order it but share it with others on the table. This order ‘for the table’ is a great way to share the calories. Sharing a meal makes you get variety and ensures portion control at the same time. Generally if you eat the dish all by yourself, you would end up eating a lot of it!

2) Modify your meal

grilled sweet potato

You can make some smart swaps to turn your meal into something healthier. You can get your food steamed, baked or grilled instead of fried. Add more green veggies and include healthy side dishes. Don’t overdo the paneer butter masala, order a sabzi instead.

3) Load veggies onto your plate

veggies cooked

Squeeze in fruits and veggies whenever you get a chance. Grab a banana or an apple. Or add in some capsicum and tomatoes to your omelet for breakfast. Replace fried potato with roasted carrots in your meal. Ordering a fruit salad (minus the ice-cream :P) is a great idea and so is a plate of grilled veggies.

4) Ask for sauce on the side

Vegetarian 1000 Island Salad Dressing

Salad dressing has a lot of hidden calories in it apart from sodium and fat. It may have more calories than the ones present in your salad! So, don’t drown your salad in the dressing. Order it on the side instead so that you have a control over what you are consuming.

5) Drink enough water

Urinary Tract Infection water

Okay, so you have heard this umpteen times! But hear it once again! Drink lots of water. You need to stay hydrated especially when you are travelling. It is a great way of reducing your calorie intake when you do not have healthy food options. Carry a bottle of water along with you and keep sipping it throughout the day. You can drink buttermilk, coconut water or plain lemon flavoured water if you like. You will get this in most places.

You need to come up with such hacks to prevent weight gain linked with eating food at restaurants.

If you travel a lot and have more ideas about how to eat right when away from home, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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