Does Eating Fat Make You Fat ?


Eating Fat Make Fat ?


Today I am not giving any Gyaan. Instead, I am posing a question to everyone who reads IWB, who writes on IWB or who sleeps on IWB(read me, since i fall on my lappi coz of sleep while working) !

So before I question, I am going to share some experiences from my personal life. I hope that you would also have experienced the same somewhere !

Incident No. 1 – My mum asks me one fine day- why do you eat so much Paneer. It is so high in FAT ! You need to lose weight !! Needless to say, her expressions were as if I had murdered someone and she is going to punish me for it.

Incident No. 2 – My over-caring(read nosy) neighbourhood aunty made a face when she found me snacking on nuts. N then she spoke – Nuts mein bahut Cholesterol hota hai aur Fat bhi, nahi kya ? I wanted to bang head in the wall. Mine, not hers silly !

Incident No. 3 – My grandmum out of sheer love made parantha in Desi Ghee for me and said aaj khaa le. She is such a sweetheart ! N then she said Kal se refined oil wala parantha milega !

So, now I SHoooooooooooooot my question !

does eating fat make you fat

What do you think, Does Eating Fat Make You Fat ?

Have you had similar experiences ?

Let me know ! I need to know… We all need to know !


  1. Nuts waala to mere saath bhi hua hai. This winter when i went home i used to eat nuts daily and i asked mom to have some to which she said it has a lot of fats and will make me gain weight. Then i had to make her understand healthy fats are needed to cut bad cholestrol. Plus eating anything clean that too in moderation can never harm you. Needless to say, all this gyaan was in vain and she said, you are still a kid, what do you know! :O

  2. Ha ha! So funny!! It happened to me too … I remember once i was in a vegetable market and a lady who stays near my place came there.. she saw me buying potatoes and she was like “OMG! you are eating potatoes.. no no beta.. don’t! You should reduce weight not gain more”.. i was completely dumb struck and couldnt utter a word :/ I tried explaining her that cooking potatoes in a healthy way will not make people fat.. She started mumbling “This generation kids never listen” 😀

  3. Lol!!! My mom is fine with this concept but my relatives go haywire about eating nuts on a daily basis… I never succeed in convincing them 😀

  4. hey all ye toh mere sath roj hota hai …dont eat rice , potato , 2 roti se jyada mat khana, are u eating banana ? tumhe pata hai kitna fat hota hai isme. dont drink milk.. etc etc.. so mai ek kaan se sunti hu doosre se nikal deti hu…:-)

  5. Same here..People used to tell me when i eat cashews. I used wonder that these ppl only look at the ‘fat’ part of the food more than the nutritious value.
    I have also got this ‘fat’ comment whenever i have bananas. Then i googled to know the benefits of bananas and now i eat a banana every night.

  6. Thankfully guys my mom is always way more informed than I am and she used to say “thoda thoda ye sab khana bhi zaruri hota hai” and it was me who thought all this was fattening a few years ago. Now when I understand the concept and agree to mom, she says ” you are wiser now”… 😛

  7. Lolz Nidhi, you too are victim :P. I can understand roti cuz its carbs and potato is starch but nothin in moderation will harm. n Milk also not spared ? this is news to me !

  8. 🙂 . one lady burnt cashew n showed to me n said .. see this contains so much oil :P. we shud ask her how much refined oil she puts in her vegetables !

  9. Lolz :). Chaits, register on them we will be able to see pretty you instead of this machhar next to ur name 🙂

  10. Oh wow! what a post is this…

    Sorry! for being late net somehow was acting weird.

    Well! i found that everything in this world has fat in it :P..from ghee to nuts to rice and blah blah at a point of time i was eating nothing but salads but thing is then i use to binge..

    now i am at lowest ofmy weight and i eat whole day but right food..not exactly right i do cheat but 80% of time its healthy ..

    very nice post….majaa aa agaya ! ,,..mwaaah!

  11. Thanks honie 🙂
    You are an example of being able to lose weight by eating high fat and low carbs ! I wish people know the difference between fat n carbs :D, post coming soon :)!

  12. hey i am late here./ but still jsut pen down my points
    am a great fan of RD diet , hence eat paneer nuts badam datesand cheese daily.
    even I too suspect like an overcaring neighbour auntie but RD’s book has taken me to a new level.

  13. What do you think, Does Eating Fat Make You Fat ?
    where can we find the right answer then??? am looking for such questions…sorry new to losing weight the healthy way..

  14. i stay with my husband and he is a smarty ass… but my folks are not so…! i am saved in a way … good news is i have lost 12 kgs…. 🙂 i know its way to go for me to reach my target… but for a person like me to shed that much in 5 months is a great achievement in self. I pat myself. he..he.. i eat these days lots of fat and eggs. .. similar thing i have heard a lot of people speaking about egg (to me this has happened) where they said eating egg is not good as its fatty and will add to kilos. but i care a damn to such dumb people. 🙂

  15. I believe in eating fat and burn it . My skin got pale n devoid of glow when i stopped eating fat n dairy products while loosing weight but i started eating everything again n I am back to bang on me .

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