Eating Healthy At KFC And McDonald’s


Eating healthy at KFC and McDonald’s

Hello All!!

College get together or a friends’ reunion, people generally flock to KFC or McDonald’s. What about your diet plan and eating healthy vow? Hmmm, you can still enjoy with your friends, just be a little careful while choosing your meal. Here are a few tips that may help you out.

A visit to KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken):

KFC healthy eating

If you are a chicken lover KFC is the best option. There are several mouth-watering delights to choose from. If you are into clean eating these days, a little vigil can prevent you from completely forgoing your diet.

1)    Instead of ordering their fried chicken it would be better if you choose grilled chicken. You can opt for fiery grilled chicken from their menu instead of going in for the Hot N Crispy chicken.

2)    There are both veg and non-veg varieties in the burgers range. The simple rule here would be to customize. Ask them not add sauces because all the burgers scream that they have mouth watering mayo in them! That would do away with a lot of calories. Chicken Zinger or Paneer Zinger burger, just put the sauce away. If you are on a low carb diet and want to avoid bread, it would be advisable to give the burgers a miss.

3)    You have chicken twister and veg twister wraps. The trick here too is the same; exclude the sauces.

4)    You can always go in for their rice bowls, they make a healthier option. If you want to avoid fried stuff you can ask for the chicken popcorn/fried veg strips to be removed.

5)    There are some mouth watering desserts too! These can be given a miss if you are avoiding sugar but a simple soft serve cone won’t do much harm if you really want to indulge.

6)    Coming to the beverages part, give the smoothies a miss though you can opt for Virgin Mojito, it is lemony n minty and low in calories. It would be a good way to refresh yourself and keep your friends happy too.

A Visit to McDonald’s

McDonald's healthy eating

When at McDonald’s, the place where vegetarians prefer going to, you have a lot of options to spoil you! If you manage to choose wisely you can stick to your diet and still hang out with your friends.

1)    Just eliminate mayo and added salt in every food item you order. Customization does the trick here.

2)    When choosing burgers, go in for the one that has more veggies in it like McVeggie burger . Make sure you ask the mayo to be excluded. If you want dose of proteins you can have McChicken burger, McSpicy Paneer burger. Please give the Chicken Maharaja Mac a miss, with so many fried patties inside, it is overloaded with calories. It is better to choose burgers that have grilled chicken in them. If you are on a low carb diet you can altogether avoid the burger.

3)    A BigSpicy chicken wrap is a good idea if you are a non-veg lover. It has a lettuce, tomato and onion salad along with chicken. For the vegetarians there BigSpicy Paneer wrap. Just make it a point to avoid the mayo.

4)    Counting calories? Give the fries a miss.

5)    You can indulge in cold coffee or the hot coffee variants offered. Hot chocolate milk can also be one of the better options. You can also have iced tea. Avoid floats due to the high sugar and caffeine content.

6)    Avoid the desserts if you want to keep the calories down. The options mainly have ice creams.

I guess this list will be of help the next time you step into KFC or McDonald’s.

Happy eating!

Now you know about eating healthy at KFC and McDonald’s!

P.S – These recommendations are not meant for Low Carbers

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  1. KFC or McD are for cheat meals.. huww.. i no like your suggestions.. 🙁 But will remember them if needed to go on a regular day.. 😀

  2. I read some thing very interesting today morning.. which said “Going to McDonalds (read KFC here) for eating salad is like going to a prostitute for a hug”…. lol seriously !!! … we visit all these junk food junctions and plan to eat healthy there?
    Oh! come on … once in a while eating junk is not bad… so let junk be junk and don’t fool yourself by saying that you had healthy food from the garbage box .. Don’t we all know it is suicidal. So go once in a month to these junk junctions .. eat and then forget about it.

  3. he he Anjali I agree that you go to such places to indulge in cheat meals!!! I feel without junk food once in a while you will miss out something essential in life 😛

  4. ROFL.. you are funny.. but still sometimes, fooling ourselves is better than acute guilty of eating junk, which depresses & then crave for comfort food.. Been there, done that..

    I guess everyone needs to learn from own mistakes..

  5. Lol Kanan ji!! You are absolutely right! These suggestions are just rescue plans when you are forced to go to KFC or Mc D.

  6. Anjali I can proudly claim to be the biggest junkie of yesteryear… then I left every thing for low carbing.. but when issues were under control , I now visit these places again… yes but now I know my limits.. so know where to draw line. That is important… instead of picking out things I believe ” Gand kha rahe ho to acche se khao…” then go back to your healthy routine. 🙂

  7. Vinita When I face a weight stall even I go to Subway n McDonalds… 😛 and believe me it helps in shaking things up. and my fav is a fish sub with lots of mayo…. and all salads and pickles. 😛

  8. A junkie can recognize another junkie.. I was a Lays Junkie ( who isn’t)..

    I agree, now i visit these places without guilt, coz i know its my cheat meal & also i know my limits (rightly said by you)..

    btw ur new display pic is wow.. 😀

  9. I love corn on the cob from KFC. I dont remember last time I went to KFC or MCD. Yeah Subway , may be 2-3 months back !

  10. It’s difficult to resist the burger there but I have shifted to wraps .. They r way more filling than burgers and hot coffee just makes it a complete meal for me 🙂

    Fab article and interesting read Vinita 🙂


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