Fitness Secrets Of Deepika Chowdhury – India’s First Female Bodybuilder


India’s First Female Bodybuilder – Fitness Secrets Of Deepika Chowdhury!

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You would have seen a lot of foreign female bodybuilders but do you know about Deepika Chowdhury? She is India’s very own woman bodybuilder. The only Indian woman to turn into a professional body builder, she holds the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB), pro card. By profession she is a research scholar who works in the lab! Let us know more about Fitness Secrets Of Deepika Chowdhury!

Deepika Chowdhury Indian female body builder 2, Fitness Secrets Of Deepika Chowdhury

How did body building happen?

It was Deepika’s husband who encouraged her to take up the gym. Before 2012 she was not doing weight lifting. All she did were 400 m or 1500 m races during school days. As she started working out, she developed interest and completed a course in fitness training and sports nutrition. It was at that time that she came to know that body building was a sport. She went to India’s only body building event – SHERU Classic in Delhi. She met her mentor and idol, Shannon Dey there. Deepika wanted to build a body like that of Shannon. She got her doubts cleared and decided upon becoming a figure athlete.

Deepika’s daily routine

She wakes up at 5 am in the morning and walks for half an hour. She prepares her meal and leaves for work as she has to report at her lab by 9 am. After leaving lab by around 5.30 pm to 6 pm, she hits the gym. She does a 2 hour work out every day and reaches home by 9 pm.

Deepika Chowdhury Indian female body builder, Fitness Secrets Of Deepika Chowdhury

Workout routine

Before beginning her weight training session at the gym, she warms up for half an hour. Warming up helps her in exercising for a longer period of time and reduces the chances of injury. When she works out, she targets every body part of hers. In week, she trains her legs for two days and for the remaining 4 days she trains her upper body. Apart from weight training, she does cardio for thirty mins a day. She does HIIT twice a week. Sundays are off, she spends the day buying grocery and preparing meals for the next week.

Diet routine

Deepika eats 6 to 7 meals a day and makes sure that they contain all the food groups. She eats enough amount of calories so that she can burn them later. Her diet has proteins, carbs, fibre and fats. She needs to alter her diet according to the show she has to take part in.

On an ordinary day, her breakfast comprises of eggs and lunch has veggie stir-fry or chicken pulao. She includes apple cider vinegar in her diet as it helps in digesting her meals.

She does indulge in cheat meals like most of us. If she feels like eating kulfi or pastry she just goes ahead. What she makes sure is that it she eats it in moderation so that she can burn it by doing HIIT. Being blessed with a high metabolic rate, burning fat for her is easy.

Though she focuses on getting nutrition from food, her diet does include supplements like glutamine, whey protein, BCAA, antioxidants, ZMA and multivitamins as they help in keeping joints healthy and improve recovery.

So, that was about the Fitness Secrets Of Deepika Chowdhury – India’s First Female Bodybuilder!

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