Easy Ways To Check For Food Adulteration


Ways To Check For Food Adulteration

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Want to check your food for adulteration but don’t know how? Well, you don’t need a chemistry lab to do it as you can conduct the tests in your own kitchen with commonly found ingredients.

food adulteration

First, let us talk a bit about the menace of food adulteration in India. It is a rather grave issue as most food products available are adulterated right from dal to milk to coffee powder. The most disturbing part of food adulteration is that it is not always a case of dilution. Certain foods are adulterated with hazardous substances. The toxicity makes people susceptible to kidney disease, heart failure, liver disorders and many more. It is sad to note that a group of people indulge in such malpractices to earn good profits. Adulteration even at the basic levels reduces the nutritive value of food and causes nutritional deficiencies. You can say that you buy branded foods but fake products are rather too common in India.

Now, that sounded like a full-fledged essay on adulteration and its ill-effects! 😛

Let us get more practical and find out for ourselves whether food lying in our kitchen is adulterated or not! After all it is our duty to protect our family.

Green veggies

Health Benefits Of Green Chilli

When green veggies are not green enough, people tend to colour them with artificial colours to make them look attractive. Malachite green is one such artificial colour that is added to green chillies and ‘supposed-to-be’ green veggies.  To check if the green veggies lying in your kitchen has been tampered or not, just soak a piece of cotton in paraffin and rub it on the green surface of the veggie. If the cotton turns green, it means that the veggie has been tampered with.


Honey benefits nutrition facts

Honey is well known for the health benefits it has to offer. However, the honey you buy might not be pure. It can be diluted with water of sugar solution. In order to check if the honey is adulterated, dip a wick (cotton) in it and light it. If the wick burns, it means the honey is pure. But this would not be case if honey has been diluted.

Turmeric powder and besan

Turmeric for weight loss

The test for turmeric powder and besan (chickpea flour) is the same. Dissolve one spoon of turmeric or besan in 20 ml of lukewarm water. To that add any acid you have at home such as lemon juice or orange juice. If the colour turns pink, violet or purple, your food is adulterated.

Ice cream

fat free ice cream not healthy

Do you know that at times ice cream is adulterated with washing powder? In order to find out if your ice cream has washing powder in it, just take a spoonful of it and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on top. If the ice cream starts foaming or bubbling, it is contaminated.

Iodized salt

Table salt- benefits of rock salt n black salt

To find out if your salt is actually iodized or not, apply a little bit of it of a slice of raw potato and put a few drops of lemon juice. If it is unadulterated, you will find that it starts turning blue in colour but if there is no change in colour, it is adulterated.

So, this means that just choosing healthy foods does not make you healthy. You need to ensure that what you eat is unadulterated.

Hope these tips on Ways To Check For Food Adulteration have been helpful.

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