Fraud-Pure Cambogia Ultra And Pure Life Cleanse Using Fake Photos To Sell


Fraud-Pure Cambogia Ultra And Pure Life Cleanse Using Fake Photos To Sell

Hello Everyone,

A strange incident happened over weekend. Our friends and readers were so kind to report pictures of our weight loss team member  Kanan Gautam portrayed as Reema Ghosh from Kolkata for selling 2 weight loss products – Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse.

Have a look at the pictures –

weight loss fraud

This website link is – “ ” . You can check it out here

fraud weight loss

These fraud people keep changing the webpage on their website, so its possible when you visit the site, the post would have already moved to some other page on their website.

We tried registering on the website to put a comment that these pics are of Kanan’s and belong to Indian Weight Loss Blog.

Real photo

But, the entire website is fake. There is no contact or about us page. You can’t register and comment, which means that the comments lauding these products are also FAKE.

We in no way endorse these products, so please don’t buy these products.

When I saw the second picture of another lady, I thought I have seen her somewhere. She portrayed herself as Lara Bible and had commented on IWB that she lost few pounds dramatically in a month and I could not help myself and emailed her. In response, she sent me her pics and asked me to buy a product – Fat Loss Factor. And on this fraud website we are reporting here, she has a different name and is promoting some other products. I am attaching a snapshot of the email she sent to me, look for yourself.

weight loss fake photos

By the way, this so called Lara Bible has a different name on Google plus and some other name on this fake website trying to sell Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse. Its possible that someone else emailed me her pics and used her pics on this fraud website and she is clueless about everything happening around her.

When I opened the websites of Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse , I found pictures of celebrities like Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif, not sure if they have took permission from them before using their pics.

One of our kind reader emailed us that Kanan’s pics are being used as Facebook Sponsored Post also to sell these products. We are still looking out for that ad, if you find it on Facebook, please send us the snapshot to . Your help is appreciated !

We will file an official complain against the concerned people who are trying to fool innocent people looking for weight loss and luring them to buy these products.  Lastly, thanks to all the readers who love IWB so much that they felt responsible to let us know of this fraud happening .

Please don’t fall prey to these kind of products/services. Weight Loss does not come by popping pills in your body ! If you are looking to lose weight, join our weight loss program, Kanan did it so can many of you who are trying hard to lose weight.



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  1. I am thankful to all those readers and fans of ‘ fitnessvsweightloss’ blog to let us know about this fraud. We need to expose all these people. Please share this post’s link every where you can.

  2. Yes I have been fooled by this website. ..n in excitement paid for their products …..we should found these frauders n must punish them for playing with the emotions of the people n for such frauds

  3. Thank your stars that you were wise enough to wait for a while before taking final decision…. Such products are just gimmicks and must be shunned.

  4. We pity you silky…. I wish you would have checked up around to find out the truth..the culprits are such products which misguide innocent people. Sympathies for you. How about joining our scientific weight loss program!!!

  5. Silky, I tried my best to prevent people from buying the product by commenting on their post and FB ads.

  6. Hi, I just paid for thw products and the confirmation page was not showing properly.
    Then i understood that i have been cheated. I lost my 19000 ruppees.
    Why cant we go to cyber crime deptt against these frauds.

  7. How could you all think of spending your hard earned money to be wasted like this…. Weight loss is the result of smart eating and exercising…. there is no other way, out of a fat body.

  8. I wana loose weight badly but without exercise n diet ,I have done a lot n now tired of exercises n diets, can u help plz

  9. Shobhna I tried to lose weight without doing anything for 40 long years…. sorry dear nothing worked…..only thing that works is being regular with your healthy eating and exercise.

  10. hi kanan,
    i was actually inquirieng about is pure combogia product. i m weighing 95 killos i am trying very hard for last 6 months with diet and excersise but i am not successfull in loosing even a sigle killo. please if you a better method.

  11. Hello all, i have made a biggest mistake by ordering for this product. I should have reviewed your website first 🙁 spent 8k on 3 bottles. Product is delivered to me yesterday but i havn’t started consuming it and now really scared to do so after reading your website comments.

  12. Now they publish new site

    In this they show 2 indian actresses “sonam kapoor” and “sonakhi sinha ”

    As its reader “abhilasha “and” ruchi ”

    So fool …….who don’t know celebrates

  13. Thx a Lott tarun preet n kanan.. I was about to order d product. But thank god I have seen all ur comments guyzz

  14. Hi I have tried lot to loose weight joined gym did strict dieting for 6 months but not successful I am 72 mgs should I buy pure cambogia ultra.

  15. same thing happened with me yesterday, i have not checked ur reviews and placed an order of a bottle, but they deduct 10500 from my credit card
    is there any procedure of any refund ..??? n will they products work or not ??

  16. Sakshi, I am really sorry. Most of the customers complained that they never received the product.

  17. i hv losed 6 kgs in 1 mnth by using garcinia cambogia alone.
    really i ddnt found anything wrong in it yars…
    i dont know .. may be my workout too helped me

  18. Swathika, by this post we don’t mean to describe anything about Garnicia. This is totally about the site using fake weight loss pictures to sell these products. Moreover, these products have never reached customers because these people are fraud.

  19. Hi fooled by dis product n lost Rs 17000 i complaint many many times thru emails to bio trim but no reply. I really wanted to experience dis product. But as i hve seen many reviews in dis blog i came to know that iam not the only one.

  20. Samiee, sorry to say but you have lost your money. The website that they run is fake. Every month they come up with a new website!

  21. Samiee, sorry to say but you have lost your money. The website that they run is fake. Every month they come up with a new fake website!


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