Top 9 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream Bean Fruit


Top 9 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream Bean Fruit

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The entry into the world of ice-creams begins with vanilla ice-cream. As a kid you must have been offered a cup of white plain vanilla ice-cream, right? Is it your favourite by any chance and are you watching your weight too? There is something natural that can replace your oh-so-lovely vanilla ice-cream. Yes! Ice cream bean fruit is a low calorie and a completely natural alternative to vanilla ice cream.

Health Benefits Of Ice Cream Bean Fruit

Ice cream bean fruit is a tropical fruit also called pacay. It is actually not a fruit but a legume. It is native to South and Central America.

The bean has a white, fibrous pulp inside that is smooth in texture and sweet and juicy to taste. It is somewhat like a cotton candy. Its seeds need to be cooked before being consumed but the leaves of this fruit can be eaten raw. The fruit, its seeds, and its leaves are rich in fibre, protein, antioxidants and vitamins A,B and C.

ice cream fruit bean health benefits

Apart from its ice-cream like flavour, this tropical fruit has a lot more to offer. Check out its nutritional benefits that include its anti-inflammatory nature, antioxidant nature and immune boosting ability.

Here are the top health benefits of ice-cream bean fruits:

1) It helps treat dysentery

The seeds or the bark of the ice cream bean fruit tree can do wonders for those people who suffer from dysentery. Both the bark and the seeds need to be cooked before being consumed.

2) Helps prevent rheumatism

The seeds and bark of the ice cream bean fruit tree are helpful in preventing rheumatism. The anti-inflammatory properties help keeping the bones strong thereby preventing the painful ailment.

3) Helps treat nerve problems

Ice cream bean’s leaves are known to be beneficial in treating problems related to the nerves.

4) Removes free radicals

Being rich in antioxidants, the ice cream bean fruit eliminates free radicals. Free radicals are known to cause damage to the cells of the body. Antioxidants are known to fight free radical damage. This way it helps prevent chronic diseases including cancer.

5) Prevents cancer

The antioxidants present in the tropical fruit helps prevent cancer. It has compounds like gallic acid, flavonol quercetin, epicatechin that are anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer in nature.

6) Helps cure headache

If you happen to suffer from headache, the leaves of the ice cream bean tree are known to provide relief. When you eat them regularly, you can prevent headaches and get cured of them.

7) Helps boost immunity

This tropical fruit has high antioxidant content and this makes it a good immunity booster.

8) Helps in weight loss

The fruit tastes like vanilla ice cream and is also low in calories. This makes it used as a flavouring agent in various types of desserts by people who are watching their weight or are health conscious. The fruit is also low in cholesterol so it is well suited for those people who already suffer from high cholesterol levels.

9) Promotes health

The fruit has a high content of different nutrients making it a good addition to a healthy diet. You can get healthy by including ice cream bean fruit as a snack in your diet. It is both tasty and healthy.

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