Healthy Dinner When Not Hungry


Healthy Dinner When Not Hungry

I ate 3 idlis in evening snack today. Unfortunately, idli is considerably healthy snack that we get in our office cafeteria. When I returned, I was not at all hungry. Usually I take 45 mins to return, so I make sure I eat enough not to starve ! Today it was a breeze and I bumped home in 20 minutes. You see, I crib when I am stuck in jamn and also when I reach home early , LOLZ !

I was so full that I thought I should skip dinner. If I skip dinner, I would be hungry by midnight. I still have an hour’s work to finish before hitting bed. What to do now – I pondered !

So I decided to eat right now. Now meaning 23:03 by my watch , this is a live update while I am eating ;).

OK ,  I won’t bore you more. Let’s see what I ate for late dinner –

Simple ingredients – Skimmed milk, apple and muesli :). To make it even healthier, use roasted oats and nuts instead of muesli. I don’t mind muesli since I have got a sugar free one 😛 and I am lazy to roast oats 😉


Healthy Dinner When Not Hungry

How to do you have your Healthy Dinner When Not Hungry ? Let me know :)!

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