How Do I Manage My Time ?


How Do I Manage My Time ?

How do you manage your time ?

From where do you bring so much energy Tarun ?

These are 2 of the statements that I get to hear very often.

Mr. Fit says,

Tarun, can you ever relax ?

N my darling Ana says

Taru go to sleep 😀 !

Today is a Fun post day, sometimes we can talk right 😉 ?

This post, yeah the one that you are reading now.. I am writing on my Blackberry..

I am a big supporter n follower of multitasking. So when someone says no time to workout or cook – I somehow struggle to understand.

How Do I Manage My Time ?

So I thought why not let you guys know how I manage my time. Unlike others who want 48 hours in a day, I just need 5 mins addition to a day, have mentioned it here.

Haan toh where was I ? My mobile beeped n I had to answer whatsapp, important communication you see(read gossip).

How Do I Manage My Time ?

Since I have a full time naukri, I need to be in office for minimum 10 hours. 24 – 10 =14 ? Let’s see.

Office commuting takes about 2 hours. 14 – 2 = 12 hours ?

Sleep – 8 hours
12 – 8 = 4 hours ?

Unlike a lot of my friends who sometimes Go Green, I prefer to take bath daily 😉 Getting ready for office – 1 hour

4- 1 = 3 hours ?

Eating 5-6 meals a day takes about 1.5 hours.

3 – 1.5 = 1.5 hours

Workout – 45 mins- 1 hour

1.5 – 1 = 30 mins

Hey , but I work for IWB for more than 2 hours a day , speak to my pyaari mom n my family everyday. I gossip with my friends n … A lot of people every now and then.. Watch tv , ummm not really.

What about my food , I mean cooking ! Don’t think I am eating all the time.

Enough of suspense, lemme elaborate on my madness 😀 !

While I am in office or commuting, I try to reply to all the emails that you dear readers write to me. I do revert to our wonderful writers as well subject to conditions though. In case of a storm ( read I am gonna die with work ) , I revert late. So half IWB work is done.

When I communicate with writers over emails for discussions, I type while walking, sitting, eating etc etc through my dear phone.

Aaaaah n commuting time to office is mostly Facebook time. I manage IWB facebook page and social media platforms using my tab.

I do washing, cleaning .. all household chores during weekend. I watch movies on Sat or Sun at night so that I can plan IWB for the next week during day time.

I have a cook who prepares lunch n dinner. Adding fuel to fire ..umm I mean work to more work, he has run away. No I did not hit him , I sware 😀

So now I need to manage my meals as well. Since I am going to start Low carb cooking, I don’t have to bother about Zbrown rice n ragi etc. I have anyway given up on roti until 2 days back when I couldn’t resist a parantha 🙁

The need of the hour is Quick Low carb cooking. Recipes will follow 🙂 , stay tuned ! If you do Low carb cooking, share the recipes , I will be thankful 🙂

So people, its not that difficult to manage everything in 24 hours 🙂 . Give yourself some time , even your family would appreciate if you do what’s best for your health !

Loads of Love


P.S – This post has been written at 9:05 am today 😀 . Those who have added me to MFP, please give me a day to settle and you would be able to see my diary. Too much work in office is making me cranky !


  1. Tarun the superwoman, do you even remember the last time you slept for 8 hours ? huh ! and the way you manage everything is not at all easy but you do it perfectly. hats off 🙂 !!

  2. good going Tarun…. love you and your energy. Keep it up… 🙂 We cannot deny the fact that low carb eating actually energises you. Isn’t it???? 🙂

  3. This is indeed inspiring…!
    I would love to know more.. Getting a hold of your time schedule and being regular is what makes a huge difference, i feel. I am still fighting with my “being irregular” syndrome.

  4. huh, no superwoman I am. Last time 8 hours , few days before when I was sick 😀
    Its not difficult too, anyone can manage. Bas neeyat honi chhaiye 😉

  5. Yes :). Now need to set aside brown rice and ragi also. I am used to this lifestyle and my weight has stalled. Need for a change !

  6. Ha ha..Tarun… Very good utilisation of time!! After reading this i can never complaint of not having enough time 😀

  7. loved reading this Tarun !!
    me too a superwoman combining household chores 9 to 6 job, 2 hours travel, looking after child, cooking and no helper at home..
    but somehow I enjoy doing this.

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