How I Reached From 80 Kg to 62 Kg-My Weight Loss Story


How I Reached From 80 Kg to 62 Kg-My Weight Loss Story

Hello everyone, first of all, I am Aanchal Nagpal, a keen follower of ‘wise she’ and ‘weight loss blog’ so when I heard that you guys were hiring; I happily jotted down my weight loss saga.

How I Reached From 80 Kg to 62 Kg-My Weight Loss Story

weight loss is tough

So, here is my success story. Going down the memory lane, I was born chubby err overweight. My mom often teased me that when I was a baby, all my clothes went tight in a few days L and I just laughed it off every time. Even in school, I always looked older than my classmates because I was enormously heavy. I had nicknames like “Moti”, “Baby elly(elephant)”, “fatso” and I didn’t like any of them. If I told my mom about it, she would pamper me and tell me that I am just a little fluffy yet beautiful and I always believed it. Being a Punjabi, eating delicious maa k hath ka khana especially the paranthas with oodles of butter was like my hobby. So I gained weight with no guilt.

Self realisation came when I was in class 11th. All of the students had to undergo a medical test and my whole class laughed off when it was my turn as they saw the weighing needle touching 80 kgs. I felt embarrassed, ashamed and disgusted. I came back home and told my mom and this time she got serious. She advised me and I started walking and cycling and had bottle gourd juice every day in my summer vacations. I lost weight but regained it when 12th board exams came up. So, I lost weight in every vacation and gained it in every exam season. It was in my graduation when one of my friends photoshopped one of my pictures and then I realised how important it is to lose weight. Not only I looked beautiful, but I felt more confident just by looking at my picture.

losing weight aanchal

So, I finally joined a fitness studio which had a different schedule for every day. The schedule included aerobics, kick boxing, power yoga, floor exercises, zumba, dance and different exercises. Losing weight gradually became more fun and I could actually see results. Aerobics and cardio exercises increased my stamina and yoga boosted my flexibility. I was given a diet chart by my instructor which included small and healthy meals for the whole day. She allowed me to eat anything but in limits. She forced me to drink more and more water to stay hydrated and cleared many myths about healthy food. She introduced me to some yummy and healthy recipes that were easy to make and curbed my urge to eat junk food. I realised that losing weight is a journey that can be a success if we eat healthy and exercise regularly. It also gave me mental strength to control my cravings for food, determination to stay regular and will power to do more and more every passing day.  I became more confident, cheerful, happy and most importantly, proud. I started loving my pictures and clicked more and more of them. 😀

losing weight aanchal nagpal

Nicknames have changed to “patola(pretty girl in punjabi” from the previous ones. I started reading fitness blogs and hopped from one site to another for healthy recipes. I put inspiring wallpapers in my phone and in my room to constantly remind me of my aim. Now that I have realised that obesity is a disease, I took a step forward to help other people too. I am pursuing training and soon I will be training people and helping them to overcome this disease.

Today, I weigh 62kgs and I am still on the way of losing more. Whenever my body gives up during exercising, I always screamed loud “No pain, no gain” and it actually works.  In the end, we should always compare to what we were and what we are now. We should love our body and if you haven’t started yet, then it’s never too late.

Thinking to lose weight is the first step of losing it. Are you ready for that?

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  1. U Look amazing…share us some healthy vegeterian recipes plz.Dinner is a big problem for me.


  2. What an inspiration you are aanchl 😀
    . Its feels really great ti see people lyk u who motivate us.
    Keep it up n pls do share some healthy recipes

  3. Rupali, check the recipe section. You will be tired of trying them, we have so many 🙂

  4. Ya I do workout at one such studio in Pune. For a moment I thought ur taking about my studio 😉

  5. An inspiring and encouraging story. Thank you for posting this. Because after i really needed an inspiration. Just today i checked my weight n it was 80. I was soo down after that. But after reading your article my spirits are a little high now. U see i am from south india and the place where i am from does not have any such studios. So can you please suggest me something for weight loss. Plzz dear

  6. It’s a really nice I also lost my 10 kg weight within a 3 months your story is good and always be a patola (pretty girl) 94 to 83 my journey of Weight loss

  7. Hi, ummmm am a girl 12 years and i weigh 75 and am in hostel, how do i do it, heeeeelp pls, am always crying and feel like …

  8. Hi Tiffany. Instead of crying, take your life back in your hands. If you wish to lose weight with our help, we run paid weight loss programs. For details you can contact Kanan on WhatsApp 8375064698. Otherwise there are various weight loss diet plans, workout plans and success stories in our blog. Just scroll through and you can be successful in your efforts.


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