How to De-Stress and Lose Weight

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How to De-Stress and Lose Weight

How to De-Stress and Lose WeightYou might have read how Stress causes Weight Gain. If not, read it here.

How to De-Stress and Lose Weight

Let’s find out how to De-Stress and Lose Weight –

  • Love your body. There is no exception to this rule. When you are stressed, take a nice massage. You will feel good about yourself.
  • Be thankful to God, Be Optimistic, and Stay Blessed. Inner peace regulates your body to a great extent.
  • Spare time for things you love to do like Painting, Gardening, Reading, etc. This will distract your mind from small worries and you will be able to lose weight faster.
  • Think of better options always. For example – Jogging or killing time sitting idle, eating samosa, or a healthy yet yummy dish. You are smart enough to make a smart choice!
  • Laugh like a Kid :P. Watch a comedy! There is a saying that a smile is a curve that sets everything straight :). I used to watch an episode of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai after returning to the office. I just loved it and laughed aloud!
  • Be in touch with family and friends. Gossip helps us forget small issues ;). Sharing your problems with a loved one helps overcome stress.
  • Learn to accept changes with an open mind. Change is the only permanent thing in the world.
  • While speaking to your partner, go out together and take a walk. Fresh air makes us so much better.
  • Have a partner in your weight loss journey in the gym. This keeps us motivated to workout better every single day. If you don’t have a company, ask your family or spouse to support you. Nowadays when I am at home, the moment I think of eating something nice(read carbs 😛 ), my mum yells “Noooooooooooooo ”  😛 😛
  • Dress up. It makes you feel so good about yourself.
  • Pay regular visits to Parlour.
  • Leave your office worries there when you enter the home.
  • Have fun with kids  :). You can also have a Pet. If you love dogs, you will know how great stress buster they are! Dogs also make you exercise 😉
  • Don’t worry about things which you can’t control. Let it go.
  • Yoga and meditation are great ways to relax. Hot yoga, Power yoga, Ashthanga yoga include effective exercises. Yoga adds to your body’s flexibility too. The more you excercise, the more fat you will lose.
  • Snack in between your meals. This will prevent you from Emotional Eating.
  • Gymn, Aerobics, Dance, Swimming, Running – all physical activities help relieve stress and also lose weight.
  • Treat yourself sometime. Eat what you love but in control 😉
  • Communication is a blessing. If you are angry, talk and sort it out. Don’t crib by keeping things to yourself.
  • Take a break from work once in a few months and go see the world around you. Plan your vacations in advance. It will keep you excited :). I am super excited when I plan my vacation and book tickets . I keep counting days till THE DAY arrives :P.
  • Lastly,

DeStress and Lose Weight

I laughed, Did you 🙂 ?

If you have any more ideas to De-Stress and Lose Weight, do let us know 🙂

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  1. Ya I too laughed and may help too… 😉 By the all the tips you wrote are really helpful. I follow few of those and others yet to follow. Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. Veryyy veryyy nice tips, am going to to bookmark this post, love u for publishing it! as u all are my friends, i would like to share, some 6 months back, due to health issues and personal issues, i used to be depressed, and used to binge and eat fast food each and every day, used to buy cup noodles of nissin and eat, i hv been overweight since after reaching puberty, i cud never love my body 🙁 alws used to begrudge, and i came to a weight of 79 kgs can u believe, used to get tired easily and all, its been 6-7 months , i have changed myself a lot, i hv completely stopped eating fast food, and noodles, i hv incorporated yoga and few exercises in my routine, i hv started taking dry fruits , and triphala churna, multigrain bread, biscuits now when am hungry, even oats which i never used to eat. now my weight has come down to 67 kgs, am lots happy,now am able to appreciate my body and my looks more thn ever, and these days i hv realized, when we start appreciating things, situations, then automatically we feel lighter and lose more easily and remain healthy, thnxx 4 such amazing posts. publish more such motivating posts. <3u

  3. Taps, Thanks for sharing your story :). I am so proud of you <3 <3 ! Why don't you share your weight loss story Taps ? It will inspire many people.

  4. i would definitely love to share my story, actually me targeting to lose my weight to 60 kgs from 67 , so i will send you a post may be after 1 month wat say, may be will lose 3 kgs in a month at least


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