How To Handle Wheat Withdrawal On Low Carb Diet?


How To Handle Wheat Withdrawal On Low Carb Diet?

Looking for a perfect diet plan on the internet, to fight my health issues like asthma, high blood pressure and above all obesity, I realised that the only diet that could help me regain my health and fitness to some respectable level was a Low-carb diet. I wondered if I would be able to hit Net carbs as low as 20 gm per day to lose weight. No, I never had any intentions to buy or even look for those Keto sticks to check if I am in a ketosis or not.  We Indian women buy only those pregnancy check sticks nothing else, and my age is way beyond the need of those sticks. 😛 Okay, so what was I talking about !! See I told you about my age…. it has affected my memory too. LOL ! Yes, so these Low carb diets are often considered extreme plans full of fat and not enough fiber. And I began my diet with this basic assumption only but over the period as I started delving deep into the details about Low Carb diets I realised that this way of eating needed cutting down on grains also. When I made a conscious effort to do so I actually began losing weight. But the biggest issue I faced was that as an Indian I was too much into wheat Atta and when I tried to stop eating rotis, I realised that I was facing a problem ; Carb withdrawal!

What is Wheat Withdrawal?

When we first start a wheat-free diet, our body gets a jolt of not having something so called ‘solid’ to eat. This can kick us badly out of the effort of eating low carb. As a result we get such a terrible craving for carbs that we rush to grab anything full of dirty carbs. 🙁  This is the point which can be a point of no return for anyone. If you give in to the craving then it will be very difficult for you start all over again as the guilt of failing will not let you start all over again, but if you get over the initial hitch, your uncontrollable cravings for all things ‘carby and wheaty’ will eventually subside.

How To Handle Wheat Withdrawal On Low Carb Diet?

Wheat Withdrawal And Low Carb Diet bread

Plan the start

Most important thing is to plan the right time for your Low carb diet. Choose a period when you expect a relaxed stress free period. Avoid when you are expecting guests or planning a visit yourself.  Start it when you have enough time for yourself to distract your mind from food and carbs, when you can watch a movie or go shopping etc.


Avoid over-exercising

Since more than your body, your mind will be tired of fighting cravings, so its advised not to overexercise and yes don’t have to feel guilty for that. 🙂 Go for some walks in the neighborhood, or a bit of light yoga. But if you will try to force yourself to jog, run or go for heavy strength training then the effort will make you feel worse.

Dead-Bug exercise to tone abs

Drink lots of water 

When we remove or reduce wheat and grains from our diet it causes fluid loss and if  it is not compensated by hydrating more than usual over the first few days, there are chances of experiencing light-headedness, nausea, and leg cramps. Drinking two glasses of water immediately upon waking up is the key to controlling that early morning carb craving.

woman-drinking-water dehydration causes

Add salt to food

When we reduce carbs in the form of wheat, there is a drop in insulin levels and to compensate for the loss of urinary salt that happens as a result of this drop a bit extra salt, along with water, must be consumed to control the light-headedness and leg cramps that commonly occur during withdrawal.

Eat a lot of healthy fats and proteins

I still remember as a child my grand father ensured that the meat that he bought had fat layer intact on it and liver as the side was a must. If you eat low carb its must to have olive oil, coconut oil with your diet of eggs, soup, and vegetables. Have lots of  cheese and paneer with sprouts. From my personal experience I can claim that to fight wheat withdrawal best way is to eat eggs in the form of a three-egg omelet made with butter. The more fats you load up on will help eliminate cravings by inducing satiety. Biggest truth of the day is that Fat consumption does not make you fat, nor does it cause heart disease… Good fat is healthy… but with the reduced consumption of Carbohydrates.

Have you ever experienced wheat withdrawal during Low Carb Diet?

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  1. Hi Kanan,
    Thank you for the informative post. I’m new here and not sure whether I’m asking my question in right place or not still I’m gonna try. I’m a Bengali girl and our main staple food at home is RICE. Since it’s not at all healthy to have rice in my meal so I switched it with wheat atta roti. But after reading posts here, I am not sure what to eat. Can you please help??

  2. I suffered from terrible headaches and nausea while withdrawing from wheat. n now if I eat more than 1 chapaati a day, I get headaches, HUH. Irony of life 😛

    Fab post Kannu 🙂

  3. Hi Pritha thanks for commenting on this post and its good to know that you are also trying to change your lifestyle. That is what we are all here, to help each other acquire a healthy lifestyle. As Tarun said you can switch to brown rice, besan, ragi and bajra … BUT do that only if its matter of life and death for you. 🙂 For me rice was something I couldn’t dream my life without, and despite that I am off all grains for the last almost three years. Not that I don’t touch grains … I do once in six months, but I really hate the after feeling of it. That bloated tummy and lethargy becomes too much for me to handle. You are a Bengali and big on sea food… so why not stick to that with salads.

  4. Thank you Tarun for liking the post. Research says that wheat is potent to cause depression … and I can vouch for it. Since I have left wheat my energy levels have gone up and I am no more lethargic. 🙂

  5. yeah mine too. After eating 2 parathas, I used to feel as if its the end of world and I would just crash lol

  6. Thanks for your suggestion 🙂 I’m also trying DALIA. Do you all suggest to have it or not??? I Usually make a khichri of moong dal, mosoor dal & comparative lesser proportion of dalia. Is that ok if I have it??

    I have another question, I don’t know where to put it so I’m asking here..since last few days whenever I’m walking, I feel muscle pain in thigh area. Is it usual to have muscle fatigue like this if you suddenly start changing your food habit?

  7. Kanan and Tarun, ya’ll rock!! Looking forward to wonderful posts. For now low carb makes me feel tad incomplete and I hve slight headache if I eat less carbs but I guess it’s matter of time!!You all have an awesome blog, many a times one can never find any diet recipes or blogs for Indians. But IWB totally takes the cake here!!Pls keep these wonderful posts coming.

  8. Tarun, don’t be mad at me but I liked your carby look too, you looked pretty, nt that you aren’t pretty right now, but just saying, but seriously I wish I had half of your will power girl!

  9. Pritha it might be normal but it will be better if you see a doctor … no point taking risk as your body is your home… 🙂


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