How To Overcome Mood Swings During Periods?


How To Overcome Mood Swings During Periods?

PMS is a time when women experience mood swings like anger and irritation. Most of the people who know me personally can immediately guess when I am menstruating. No, I don’t drum roll announcing that my chums have started. I give very obvious signs that my closed ones can guess. I turn pale and I get irritated on small small things. I am a person who can smile in the worst situations but still PMS times get the worst out of me.


I feel short of patience and others feel me fuming every now and then. Sometimes when I know I am not able to stop being irritated, I issue a statuary warning.

pms mood swings

 In short, I feel grumpy! I have tried certain ways that have helped me ease of my mood swings! Some of them are –


I am not a chocolate person at all but during chums, chocolate works great on my mood swings! If you like dark chocolate then go for it! If you’re a weight watcher, keep a check on how many chocolate pieces you pop down!

Yogurt/Sweet curd

Avoid packaged yogurt please. Any fruit yogurt or sweet curd/mishti dahi is too good. I always have one big bowl of mishti dahi. Awesomeness 🙂


Yummy cheese that melts in mouth is good enough to set anyone’s mood straight 😛 . I love cheese balls <3

Warm milk/Ginger tea

I confess that I overdo ginger tea on chums. May be 4-5 cups a day. I keep a check on my sugar but not on cups of tea.

In worst scenarios I take a pain killer called “Meftal Spas”. This was prescribed by my Gynaec , it not only soothes my pain, works great on my pukish feeling. I feel so much better after taking it.


Slow walks help to de-bloat. You must walk at least on the second day of periods or whenever pain is in control.

P.S – Please check with your gynaec before taking this medicine, I am not a doctor and these are my personal experiences.

Do let me know if you have more ways to control mood swings during periods!

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  1. Yes Tarun PMS is terrible and I unabashedly announce it beforehand to my kids … Stay away from me … Me PMSing… I feel its better to pre-warn dangerous events before hand 😛 and then I get some peaceful time to crib and cry about myself to myself in peace, when everyone stays away from me. LOL

  2. Tarun, my hormones called pic made me rofl!!!thanks for the article, just in time…btw bridge pose/Sethubandh asana is helpful for backaches during chums, tested and tried..very well written post, thank you!!


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