How To Reduce Paunch


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I recently received a message on Facebook.

How To Reduce Paunch ?

Fat woman

Please help the reader with techniques that have worked for you!

I have given my 2 cents about Abdominal Obesity here.

Massage is also a good way to mobilize your fat. One of the massage called Balinese massage is reviewed here

I also tried massaging my belly just before sleeping at night. I being a lazy bum did not continue for a long time. I did not notice any decrease in my waist line but my digestion improved a lot !

I don’t believe in any magic pills. My dietitian has put me on a Fat burner which is full of antioxidants and acts as hunger suppressant. So far so good, no side effects seen so far ! I wish to continue with it for next few days before reviewing it.

As I said earlier, diet plays a very important role in reducing paunch or belly fat.

What are your thoughts on it ? Share with everyone !

BTW, has anyone practiced Intermittent Fasting ? How was your experience ?

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  1. My vote goes to planks. You can do different variations of it to target different areas of the abdomen like upper abdomen, lower abdomen or sides. The exercise is intense and normally people struggle to hold it for even half a minute :).

  2. Following Healthy diet and working out religiously is the best and very much effective way, I have a friend who was quite thin except for the paunch, she started changing her diet and working out concentrating mainly on lower and upper abs and in a month she looked amazing and all her issues with the paunch were just gone!!

  3. First of all there is no such thing as exercise that is been targetted for certain areas only..How it usually works is the body decided where to burn fats from..Go youtube and find exercises that you can do such as cardio and many others..Try exercising for 15 min before you build up to 30min or so if you are a beginner..

    Secondly what you eat is also very important..Dont go for fad diets,slimming salons or pills which wont be long term..Best is to eat lots of fruits,vegetables and whole grain rice,whole grain bread,etc..


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