Indian Weight Loss Blog Hiring Now


Indian Weight Loss Blog Hiring Now

Hi Everyone,

Anamika and I sincerely thank each one you for your contribution towards Wise She Weight Loss Blog. We did not expect the blog to become so popular in such a short span of time. It would have not happened without our passionate writers who have worked hard constantly to make the blog what it is today.

We are now looking for writers at a larger scale for Wise She Weight Loss Blog. You can read the eligibility criteria and general details here – .

Specific details that you need to know to be an author at Indian Weight Loss Blog follows –

Indian Weight Loss Blog Hiring Now

1. Communication

Since multiple people are writing for the blog, we don’t wish to reject any article if we have already written or received the same from some other writer. So let’s follow a protocol if you wish to write regularly for us.

– Decide the topics that you wish to write on. Please make sure that you search them if they exist already on the blog or not.
– Email your topics to me. 
– We discuss and you start writing.

You need not write a formal email for topics discussion. Simply list the topics of your choice.

2. Post Writing Format

There has been some changes in Google guidelines which we need to abide. Please take a note of the post format –

  • 550 words. Shorter posts are considered spam by Google. Such posts would be rejected.
  • Minimum 2 relevant pics with source links. Please pick the right pictures. I feel embarrassed asking to change the pictures or put the pictures if missed.
  • Use word doc to send the post and the pics embedded at the right place
  • Please send a reminder email to me after 2 days of sending an article if we don’t acknowledge
  • If you wish to write regularly, please send your 3-4 liner introduction. This is needed only once. You can ignore if your bio is already published on the blog.
  • If you wish to write regularly, please LIKE/FOLLOW us on FB/Google plus and twitter. SHARE your posts on your FB page/related groups. Even if you use an alias for writing, be proud of your work and respond to comments. We appreciate courtesy to spread your post. If you as writers won’t support us, no one would !

3. Payments

From now on, you can reach out directly to me for payments(weight loss blog only) at I will make the payments bi-monthly. This way I and Anamika won’t have to go back and forth for your payments.

There have been various doubts about payment amounts, so we wish to clarify here for once.

  • Celebrity/Bollywood posts – Rs 150
  • Weight Loss stories – Rs 200
  • Health Benefits of xxxxx – Rs 150. Now if you include recipes etc in the post so that people can benefit from health benefits of a food, we would pay Rs 200. If the post is about benefit of anything under the sun, we would take a call on the payment(Rs 150 or 200) depending on the quality and idea of the post.
  • Unique posts – Any kickass piece – Rs 200 🙂

4. Finally the Good News

We wish to publish 3-4 posts a day which means that we are looking for a larger team of writers. You can write more and earn more and learn more from each other. Yaaaaaay 🙂 . 

We hope that this would answer all your queries. If you have doubts or questions, please shout here 🙂

If you are interested to write for us, reach us at

Stay Blessed ! – Tarun


  1. Congratulations Tarun and Ana on all the success! This blog has been so motivational for me and I look forward to more such awesome posts…and may be even contribute one of these days!

  2. Weight watchers is more bacnlaed and sustainable through life. I myself and many family members have struggled far too much with Atkins. It may be extreme in the beginning but it all comes back quickly. Never go on a diet that lacks balance and goes to extremes. My Dr said my Kidney stones were from doing a low carb diet since the stones were no caclium based. Mediterranean diets are great too but weight watchers has those meetings and support is key .


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