Is Air Conditioning Bad For Your Health?


Is Air Conditioning Bad For Your Health?

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Is your office air conditioning too much to handle? I remember my friend’s sister wearing a sweater at office when the outside temperature used to be more than 37 degrees. She told me it is a different world within the office with central air conditioning on full blast. Okay, after having shared that with you let me tell you how air conditioning can be disadvantageous for you.

How Air conditioner is bad for you

In air conditioners the air is passed through a cooling mechanism, the fan just circulates the air within the room to make it feel cooler. Air conditioners are more effective than fans but ACs have a lot of negative effects on health.

You might suffer from headaches

Just like what I had mentioned above, people working in offices where the temperature is constantly kept low are likely to have headaches. You may also experience fatigue and catch cold, cough, flu easily.

Your skin can get dry

As air conditioners suck the air’s moisture, they lead to dry and flaky skin. Too much of a problem for the ladies! Well, you just can’t avoid it! So, if you happen to spend a lot of time in the AC, drink lots of water and moisturize your skin on a daily basis.

Chronic illnesses may worsen

If you happen to suffer from a chronic illness, it will get worsened by the AC. The air conditioner aggravates conditions like low blood pressure and arthritis. It can also make the pain harder to manage.

Lower heat tolerance

People who spend long hours in air conditioned premises have a lower heat tolerance. This is because their bodies are not able to adjust to higher temperatures after spending most of their day in lower temperatures. This kind of intolerance can cause inconvenience to people who stay in warm climates because they have to come out of the air conditioned den at some point of the day and bear the heat.

Can lead to respiratory problems

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Over time air conditioners gather dust and mould. As they are not cleaned very often, they circulate the dust and mould around the room. This can aggravate allergies along with causing several respiratory problems. Air conditioners also circulate other air borne diseases. They spread the pathogens and infect many people at the same time. If one person is suffering with cold in your office, chances are that you too will catch it soon because the same air is circulating!

Noise pollution

Though most latest models are completely silent, there are ACs that can emit anything between a low hum to a rattling sound (window ACs :P). This sound adds to the noise in the room that can cause a kind of noise pollution that lowers a person’s productivity during the day and it inhibits sleep at night.

Can cause eye problems

The dry air affects the skin but it does not spare your eyes as well. You can suffer from itching and irritation. If you wear contact lenses, they will get dry and stick to your eyes. Problems like conjunctivitis and other eye infections can be aggravated by the AC.

What to do?

Now you can’t quit your job just because the AC is troubling you 😛 Wear clothing that keeps you warm. Try layering your clothes. Request for the ACs to be cleaned regularly. If it is your AC at home make it a point that you keep it dust free and mould free. Visit your eye doctor if your contact lens are giving you a problem due to the dry environment.

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