Is Sugar Free Natura Good For Health?


Is Sugar Free Natura Good For Health

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How is your Sunday morning coming along ? Mine is super lazy. I had gone for a one day picnic to a waterfall yesterday :). I was so tired that when I returned , I crashed immediately :P. Therefore there was a delay in my response though I was able to respond sometimes with my Black Berry !

A few of the beautiful ladies asked me about Sugar Free Natura and if it is safe to use. So, I thought I should compare 3 famous artificial sweeteners that are easily available in India i.e Sugar Free Natura, Sugar Free Gold and Stevia.

Let’s talk about Sugar Free Natura –

Sugar Free is a well known brand by a famous company – Cadilla Healthcare. You might have used medicines from Cadlilla. Sugar Free Natura is made from sucralose which is a derivative of sugar.

is sugar free natura good for health

While writing this post, I am thinking what to write ! Reason ? There is nothing good to write about Sucaralose. It is as evil as Sugar ! I just urge you not to eat Sucralose , period ! Still , I will mention a few of the side effects of Sucarolose from a research here.

  • Decreases good bacteria/probiotics in your intestines by 50 percent.
  • Increases the pH level in the intestines
  • Decreased red blood cells i.e anemia
  • Shrunken ovaries
  • Decreased urination
  • Enlarged colon
  • Decreased thyroxine levels (thyroid function)
  • Mineral losses (magnesium and phosphorus)
  • Enlarged liver and brain
  • Enlarged and calcified kidneys

Sucralose is generally associated withΒ  migraines,Β  gastrointestinal problems, seizures, heart palpitations, respiratory problems and Weight Gain. Don’t people adopt sweeteners for Weight Loss ?

If you wish to know more how Sucralose is harmful, search about Splenda on Google !

There’s no healthy artificial sweetener and thus it is hard to decide which one is the worst.But Sucralose is definitely worth boycotting especially because it hampers our gut flora. Many people are already deficient in probiotics (good flora) and reducing gut flora by 50% by eating sucralose is like committing suicide ! We have discussed the importance of gut flora here.

If you wish to eat something sweet, have organic jaggery or honey or unprocessed maple syrup. Try using unprocessed sugar in your homes if you need sugar.

The secret of eating healthy lies in what you choose to eat ! Read ingredient labels. If you find the item closer to raw form as it exists in nature, it could be healthy. If the item is towards the processed side, run as far as you can πŸ˜› !

Hope this post answers the question- Is Sugar Free Natura Good For Health

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  1. I used to put Equal in my food for 2 years, ans stopped it now somehow.
    Is that the reason for my anemia? OMG you made my eyes open. Please do review of Equal too.
    Thanks Mods for making this awareness.

  2. What about Coconut Sugar ? is is not as sweet as regular sugar but with Coffee / Tea you wouldnt notice the difference . Again it looks brown in colour is it safe for prolonged use ???as against Sugar Free

    • Coconut sugar is healthier than sugar, but not the best option. Its still 75-80% sugar.
      Stevia is the best bet if you are looking to lose weight

  3. Your Research seems to be very very poor. Sucralose is one of the safest artificial sweeteners in the market. There has been more than 100 studies spanning over 20 years on sucralose, and it has been found safe time and again. I have no idea where have you found this report, but in western countries sucralose is used over normal sugar to fight obesity. Even aspartame is safe if taken in moderation. These products truely are good for health. There are no side effects or conditions that develop out of using artificial sweeteners. I wonder who paid you to malign health products like this. If you have any integrity please research deeply and correct yourself.

    • Sir, you said it! Sucralose is artifical. The western countries that you are talking about, are the most obese countries of the world. What you think is the means to fight obesity can also be cause for it! And aspartame, please ask any doctor how good is it for health. Obviously I would not get paid for publishing a negative post by a company, you might have certainly got somthing to pass a filthy comment on the post.


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