IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Diet Plan Day 4 and Day 5


IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Diet Plan Day 4 and Day 5


I have reached Day 4, what about you ? I will update my progress end of every week. I am so excited to see the weighing scale go down, yaayy πŸ™‚ !

Here goes the Diet plan for Day 4 and Day 5 in advance πŸ™‚

Start your day with lemon water

IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Diet Plan Day 4 and Day 5

Thursday/ Day 4 Friday/ Day 5
7:30 AM Half lemon in 1 glass luke warm water + 4 figs + 2 prunes 2 glasses of Methi Seeds water + 10 walnuts. Soak 1tsp methi seeds overnight
8:30 AM 3 Egg Whites 3 Egg Whites
8:30 AM 2 idlis + sambhar 1 Ragi dosa with peanut chutney/sambhar
9:30 AM Tea/Coffee without sugar Tea/Coffee without sugar
11:30 AM Strawberries – 5 Apple
1:00 PM 1 plate of SproutsΒ + 1 cup boiled rice + 1 bowl of rajma + 1 cup curd 1 plate of salad + 1 wheat chapatti +1 bowl of mix veggie + 1 bowl of moong Daal + 1 cup curd
4:00 PM Tea/Coffee without sugar + 1 piece dhokla Tea/Coffee without sugar + 1 cup boiledblack chanaa
6:00 PM Fruit chaat/platter Steamed/Boiled Corn salad
8:00 PM 1 plate of green salad 1 plate of green salad
8:30 PM Brown rice with veggies + 1 cup curd Broken wheat(daliya) in skimmed milk or namkeen daliya with curd.
10:00 PM IF hungry, 1 cup warm skimmed milk without sugar IF hungry, 1 cup warm skimmed milk without sugar

Please don’t forget the lifestyle changes that you need to make apart from following the diet above and workout mentioned here.

Pre work out mealΒ – If you are following Rahul’s first day workout plan givenΒ here, have a whole wheat bread egg/veg sandwich 45-55 minutes before workout.

Post work out meal – Have buttermilk to give you instant boost of energy. I am soon going to list protein supplements !

Questions ? Please scream ! Anything related toΒ IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Diet Plan Day 4 and Day 5

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  1. Hey tarun im preparing for upsc so I hav to study atleast 9 -10hrs
    Will this plan keep me energetic through the day?

  2. Rupali, when you are sittting n studying, you should actually take less carbs cuz they make u sleepy. This plan should work perfect for you. I know long studying hours require consant munching. Keep munching on channa, nuts, fruits, bhel ..anything healthy n safe that you can think of. Refrain snacking on biscuits n chips.

  3. Thanks tarun I didn’t know that carbs makes us sleepy.
    Can I have amul buttermilk everyday as a snack or after workout

  4. Yes Rupali πŸ™‚ . Homemade is always preferred but i know it wud be difficult for you. You can have amul one πŸ™‚

  5. Carbs makes us sleepy and yes they leave you wanting for more..students should take lot of protein such as chicken soups which is a comfort food and it will keep you awake for long hours…

  6. Cheated on month challenge.. im soo tired of all the christmas shopping, parties.. wanted comfort of gud ole maggi.. I am not weighing myself but i can see my pants are getting looser day by day.. yippiee.. I will weigh myself in 2014..


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