Katrina Kaif’s Workout and Diet Plan


Katrina Kaif’s Workout and Diet Plan

Today’s post is about the Dhoom girl “Katrina Kaif “. She is a bollywood actress (I doubt 😉 ), beautiful dancer. The British-Indian Bollywood diva, Katrina Kaif is undoubtedly the beauty queen of bollywood. She is one of the few Bollywood divas who look beautiful and flawless with or without makeup.

Katrina Kaif's Dhoom 3 Diet

Katrina’s skin is buttery smooth and glowing, that it makes us often wonder what is the secret behind her flawless complexion! You will be surprised to know that her beauty secrets are simple , she follows a strict diet, hits gym to burn excess fat, and has adopted a simple skin care routine.

She is known as the Indian barbie doll.

Katrina Kaif's Workout and Diet Plan barbie doll

Katrina’s item numbers have been always a super hit. I admire the way she moves, I envy her svelte. Right from her debut, she has a good ‘figure’. I loved her in “Chikkini chameli”. Recently her ravishing looks for the movie Dhoom-3 has turned many heads.

Katrina Kaif's Dhoom 3 Workout

It was so interesting to read about her food routine because she follows thoda Indian and thoda western.

Katrina Kaif’s Workout and Diet Plan

Katrina Kaif's Workout and Diet Plan saree

Katrina Kaif’s Diet Plan

The first thing she does when she is out of her bed is, to drink 4 full glass of water. This is to boost the metabolism.


◦     Cereals and oatmeal

◦     Pomegranate juice

◦     2 Egg whites


◦     2 slices of brown bread

◦     Grilled fish /steamed fish

◦     A small cup of Legumes

◦     Green veggies salad


◦     Vegetable soup

◦     Dal / Subzi

◦     2 Rotis

◦     A bowl of vegetable salad

Kat eats food every 2 hours which is called Macrobiotic diet. Read about this diet here. She includes boiled veggies and fresh fruits. Her food supplements include Acai berry and wheat grass powder. (Have you heard of them ??).

She avoids starch rich foods .

Katrina Kaif’s Workout

I have always wondered how she could maintain this flawless, steaming ‘Figure’. I envy those toned legs !!

Katrina Kaif's Workout and Diet Plan gym

Lets see what she does for her perfect shape. Kat has got a exclusive trainer.

Kat’s workout plan has 3 sessions.

◦     Yoga

◦     Out-door training

◦     Gym

Katrina is a big fan of Yoga. She does yoga for her mental peace and of course for her lean and sexy figure.

Out-door training – She goes for jogging every day. She never misses any chance to go on jogging during her visit to beaches, sea areas. She likes to do jogging for an hour. This helps her to get warm up for her normal workout routine. (What !! 1 hour jogging for warm up !!)

Gym – Her gym activities includes iso-planks , leg workouts and strength training. If she couldn’t go out for jogging, then she does cycling for warm up in the gym.

For a perfect bikini look, Kat allocates time for swimming and cycling in her workout routine. Due to her very busy schedule, she could only go 3 days a week these days. (Its fine baby !! you are already at your best form)

Her trainer says ‘Since Kaif gets bored easily, i keep mixing up the exercise regime to keep her interested. She exercises for two hours everyday and alternates between pilates, ab and core exercises like iso-planks, swimming and jogging.’
“She worked out on a multi-functional trainer to include all the major muscle groups in her body, with repetitions and no breaks for several hours each day,” she adds.

What I found interesting:

Kat’s fitness routine has Iso-planks. So what’s Iso-plank

Iso plank: This exercise is mainly used for reducing abdominal fat. This exercise is done by lying face down on a soft mat with the forearms under your chest and hands clasped together. Place your feet about a fist-width apart. Curl your toes under you and push up onto your forearms. Your back should be straight and your abs engaged (suck them in). Squeeze your buttock muscles too. Hold this for 60 seconds.

Katrina Kaif's Workout

Quote by Kat:

”The way one looks, honestly, has a lot to do with how one feels. When one is at peace with themselves, it immediately reflects on their face. I believe in inner peace and that is happiness for me. The sense of contentment, being grounded and the realization that you are important just the way you are, no more or no less, is the kind of wholesome beauty that I strive to achieve and propagate.”


  1. ISO Plank seems to be new for me..Tarun, have you ever tried it ?
    Ladies, Give me feedback, if you have tried doing ISO-Planks.

  2. Planks and its variations are considered to be one of the best belly fat burning exercises. Infact many people in roadies audition who keep shouting “main koi bhi task kar sakta hu” have been made to do planks simply because it looks way too easy but is equally tough if done with proper form 🙂

  3. Oh really !! How do you do it tarun..Jus like push-ups or with elbow (jus like in the pic)..How many do you do tarun each day ??

  4. Yes planks are tough and very effective too.. They work on the belly and can be done in variety of forms too once you are good at doing the basic plank shown in the pic.. I like your celebrity series Jishaa.. 🙂

  5. i do them on the elbows. i hold on for 30 seconds n then i crash :P. I don’t do them daily, i do them on my abs workout day

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