9 Ways To Make Your Wellness Routine Fun


Ways To Make Your Wellness Routine Fun

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Exercising regularly, eating healthy food and taking time out for self-care seem to be huge commitments. It is totally worth the effort but needs time, energy and proper planning. Hence, it is essential that you make it as fun as possible. Here is a list of tweaks that will make your wellness routine fun!

1) Search for a grocery buddy

Going grocery shopping seems to be the most boring job on Earth. What if you have some company? Instead of meeting your bestie for coffee every weekend, go to the farmers’ market to buy fresh veggies and fruits. Having someone around will make the task more fun!

2) Tweak your cardio session

You should know that there is more than one way to get a great cardio workout. So think different and do cardio dance. Just increase the volume of your speaker and dance your heart out!

3) Make water fun!

water lime mint

Chuck out regular plain water and drink water infused with herbs or fresh fruits. Squeeze in the juice of a citrus fruit like lemon or orange in bottles of water and sip through them all day long. Flavoured water will make you want to drink more than usual.

4) Make teatime an inviting experience

Do you feel happy when you drink your tea in a paper cup or an old mug? You should invest in a complete tea set and sit down to enjoy the aroma and taste of the tea. The whole experience should uplift your spirit and let you enjoy the moment.

5) Make a playlist of your favourite songs

Is it a struggle to find the right song when you are at the gym? You can make this job easier by making a playlist of songs for every kind of workout. You will definitely be energized and inspired.

6) Take a bath at the end of the day


Do you want to sleep with all the day’s sweat? No, right? Don’t just take a normal bath, try something luxurious. Invest in a body polish or body wash that has a great fragrance. Make it a fun evening ritual.

7) Workout amidst nature

Running on your treadmill can be monotonous. Why don’t you head outdoors for a walk or run? Nobody will stop you. The nearby park or garden can be your new workout destination. The lush green beauty of nature will uplift your spirits.

8) Use a colourful journal instead of an app

Using an activity and nutrition app to track your progress can make you feel bored. You can instead maintain a food diary or a workout log in a real journal. Customize it the way you want and keep a track of your efforts.

9) Buy clothes that make you feel happy

Shopping losing 500 calories a day

You should get rid of your old clothes and invest in colourful clothes. When you are putting in so much effort to live a healthy life, you should reward yourself by buying what you always want to wear.

So, don’t just sit there! Get going!

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