My 6 Months Bikini Challenge


Weight Loss-My 6 Months Bikini Challenge

Hii all!!

So the may heat is back, I like this weather as my skin glows due to crazy sweating and due to this heat I hardly feel like eating anything. So coming to the point of the challenge, 6months from now that’s in October, I have to go to Goa for a friends bachelorette party. This time I have decided instead of wearing the typical sleeveless tunics, I am gona be wearing Bikini top for her pool party.

I know a BIKINI actually!!!!! And to make things worst my friend has openly challenged me on various social Media site, so now you know its really time to gear up.

My 6 Months Bikini Challenge is on.

So I have decided to share my journey with my IWB family to keep me motivated. I will blog my weight/inch loss every month about my progress, alongwith my pics. So this is my 1st pic. I know looks good with all clothes, but scroll down to more better look, that’s the closest I have been to wearing a bikini.

My 6 Months Bikini Challenge


And I have decided every month to click a pic in the same clothes to get more clear progress.

My current stats is my Chest size is 37.5 inches and I aim to bring it down to 34inches(2.5inches, basically approx 0.5 inch loss a month) And my Natural waist (naval point) 32.5inches and aim is to bring it down to 28inches (4.5inches approx 1inch a month) And my weight, I currently weigh 78kgs, hope to bring it down to 72kgs(6kgs, approx. 1kg loss a month).

Well that’s the goal, now focusing on the Plan of Action for the coming month-

  • I plan to start cycling more not gym cycle a proper cycling on roads (around 200kms a month)
  • To focus more on walking than just running(walk min 90mins a day)
  • To join dance for weekends either zumba or Salsa
  • To do minimum 200 suryanamskar a week
  • And to start abs exercises(as per my gym instructor guidance)
  • To not eat more than twice outside.

Well That’s the aim, I hope I stick to the plan and yes very important my DIET . I will update you about it after 1month. so finger crossed. Prayers on and its time to buckle up..:))

In My 6 Months Bikini Challenge, my accomplice are my shoes and

My Bikini Challenge 3

My Bikini Challenge 5

“6months from now I would regret not starting it today” .

P.S – Read Swati’s weight loss story here and her diet plan here.

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  1. Good luck dear. Just dont push yourself too much. I wish you all the luck and a perfect bikini as well;)
    I’m myself motivated now

  2. thank you!!! Join the challenge with me, i might not become the ideal bikini type body, but i wana be at a point where i am comfortable with wearing a bikini top..

  3. Wooh.. You go girl.. Planning is the biggest step towards your weight loss goal.. All the very best.. Waiting to see you in a bikini soon.. 🙂 😉

  4. Best wishes to you. Hope your path is smooth and you achieve what you want!!!!!! Cheers !

  5. Hi Swathi,
    My best wishes! I am also motivated now to shed my extra kilos. I am recently diagnosed with PCOS. I am unable to get pregnant. I was a little worried about that. Hope weight loss might help in this case.

  6. Hey Swati!!! Good going….it’s not difficult too mould for bikni body ,as u already lost huge weight. ..I hve also loss my 28 kg weight ,i.e from 73 to 45 kg by doing suryanamashkar, walking n power yoga at home by myself only nd that too without following diet plan but…but by chewing food 34 times, nd that really works…. So get ready with ur sexy bikni to wear . .. .All the best….u can do it… v r winners….Best of Luck…will wait for ur next post……cya..

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