My Sad Enrolling Experience With Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2014


My Sad Enrolling Experience With Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2014

Hello Fitness Lovers,

I am here with a bad news and those who follow me on Instagram may have a clue of what I am intending to mean about here.

Well, let me just start it straight away without further delay. As you all are aware of the Marathon Practice that I have been doing since two months and that I also entered my sixth week of practice this week. I have been regularly updating my weekly progress and shared everything here with all of you. So now when finally November has come, I thought of getting enrolled as only 4 days were left  till the registrations were open.

My Sad Enrolling Experience With Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2014

 So basically because I had no previous running experience, I would come to the general category of participants although it is clearly mentioned in the form that there is a women quota too. So I was very confident about getting an opportunity to run this Marathon.
Well, I arranged all the necessary documents and got the printouts as per the instructions mentioned on the form available on the internet.
Being a full time mother and handling my Blog work, I took out time for this and made sure that all the papers are there which need to be submitted to the venue mentioned in the form. So, it just came to my mind that why not speak to the customer care executive once to make sure I have all the documents and that I don’t need to carry any other paper at the last moment because I really don’t have time for that.
So when I called the Customer care cell, the Executive wanted to know my Corporate ID, which I don’t have as I run my own business. As soon as she came to know about this, she straight away told me that there is no seat available and that all the general entries are occupied.
I was surely not convinced with this so I gave a thought of visiting the store where the important papers had to be submitted. And I went to the place and got the address from the form.
To my surprise,, when I reached the mall, I was literally shocked to notice that there was no such store at the mentioned place. And when I inquired about it from the adjoining Nike & Reebok stores, what they told me was even more shocking. They told that the address mentioned in the form was fake that was given in the Marathon enrolling form.
sad experience with airtel half marathon enrolling
Talking about Professionalism, I even noticed that the form for Airtel Marathon was uploaded in 2013 and they didn’t update it at all even after a year.
airtel half marathon
The company didn’t care to find out that even the store where the forms have to be submitted actually exists or not! All they wanted is to get some corporate connections & employees of MNC’s to run in the race.
This was really a dis-heartening experience for me and when I have struggled this far, I really feel bad about the unprofessional behavior of the organizers of this Marathon.
I tried my level best and proof is the weeks and weeks of practice which I have been doing although I never considered running so great.
Well, I am surely disappointed but I will continue my running practice and hopefully I get to run in another Marathon soon.
A big sorry to all my readers and fellow fitness freaks as I won’t be running this Half Marathon due to the sad enrolling experience already mentioned above.
I am positive about the future and may be taking part in another one anytime soon. And till then I will continue my running practice with the 10K App.
See You later!


  1. Omg its really bad !! But on a good note you must have developed a lot of stamina 🙂 Running is good for health…..
    I can barely manage 2.5 mins of continuous run on the treadmill….please give some tips 🙂

  2. hii Ana,
    Really sad to hear that you couldn’t enroll. Yes its true the general category gets filled really soon. i will try my best to see if i can help you with it.. will update you asap.

  3. I feel so bad for you, you had put so much efforts practicing everyday. But never the less, you have built great stamina, cheers for that 🙂

  4. Thats very bad for ou after all the pactise sessions.. but there seems to be a gurgaon marathon on 14th Decemeber 2014.. maybe you can try that!!

  5. Hi Divya,

    I have heard there are other Marathons as well coming up in lets see where i go..this one was near to my place Gurgaon is on the other end…One marathon is a night marathon which ofocurse my Husband wont allow 🙁 but good part is I got to know about a noida running group during my search and i am excited about it 🙂

  6. Yaa! i have built up good stamina which i am myself not able to be believe..i now run 45 minutes :O and there is one whole month left to increase it to 60 minutes which looks achievable to me now 🙂

  7. Hey! if u can then do help ..i really would like to be a part of it ..Sad thing is going to a store to enquire about form submission and all and store doesnt exist..

    what a bummer:(

  8. Well i couldnt run even for 2 minutes and use to be out of breath girl..

    You can read my experience here

    it has taken me 9 week of continious practice to reach 45 minutes and best part is i can eat little extra now and yes! running is becoming a gives me a high that i have a body which is fit and better than many around 😛 otherwise most of the time you are just doubting yourself but with this things have changed 🙂

    Let me know if you need help 🙂

  9. This is not done!! You worked so hard for it Anamika!! One thing is good that you have built running stamina. Running is a great workout!

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