My Solitude And Vacation Away From Busy Life


My Solitude And Vacation Away From Busy Life

I went to Coorg for a 3 day vacation two weeks back and of course this is a delayed post ๐Ÿ™ . I am right ย now on an office tour, n was struggling to write! Let me show you peace !

vacation india stress (2)

We stayed in one of these cottages in a coffee estate. The cottages were made of malaysian wood and were ooh so beautiful! The whole place was so serene that I feel short of words!

vacation india stress (1)

This is no famous waterfall but a stream flowing from the coffee estate where we stayed. I had fun watching greenery, nature and wild life all around.

P.S – Don’t expect more pictures , remember I said it was a solitude trip!

The best place about this cottage stay in Coorg was that my phone did not have signals! Phew it was such a relief, 2 days no phone calls, no emails, no internet, no phone , naaaathing ! Although on way from Bangalore to Coorg, I did reply to a few emails hiding from friends ๐Ÿ˜› . N also I had a small chit chat with IWB team about hows it going ๐Ÿ˜‰ . IWB is my baby, can’t stop thinking about it even if I am away, from people …from my busy life.. BTW, IWB just completed 1000 posts, I can’t thank IWB team and readers enough!

Coming back to the topics, this trip was way different than all my vacations. I had no intentions to hop around ย places. I just wanted to freeze for 3 days.. unmoved … unreachable! It was raining most of the time, I managed to take a few pics when the weather was clear!

I have a maddening life.. a hectic job, 2 hours travelling time daily due to crappy traffic, IWB and continuous struggle to lose weight. Busy week days and busier weekends are a story of my life. This vacation was much needed break to reflect my thoughts .. my self!

If you are too stressed and wish to take a break – only 2 tips will work –

One – take a vacation ,a non-stressful to be precise! If you plan a fun trip to Goa, you would need 1 more vacation once you’re back to neat the vacation stress ๐Ÿ˜›

Two-take off and stay at home. read books, cook , don’t bath, be lazy – do what ever you want. I have tried this a lot of times, doesn’t work for me. The greedy me wants to finish as much work as possible if I am off from office, lol. My kind of breed cannot stay away from phone or laptop until forced. So this holiday was chosen but forced solitude for me ๐Ÿ˜›

I ate bread, rice, daal everything that was available without a second thought. I had Glucon D biscuit dipped in hott chai, awesomenesss! Somehow I had been so occupied in the last few years, it seemed I forgot to breathe. This vacation was a breeze , oooh I would love to do it again, over and over again !

I am writing this post only to inspire you to take a break from your busy lives. If not for a few days, take a day’s break and live as if there’s no tomorrow!



Found this post fun? Share your vacation experiences too!!

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  1. Coorg is one of the places in my bucket list! I have heard so much about the serenity and now your post has made me crave the place even more.

    Good that you went for a well deserved vacation. You definitely needed it, what with your hectic schedule. I wonder how you do it! And yes, we all need some time for ourselves.


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