Nutrition Facts-Full Cream Milk Vs Toned Milk

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Nutrition Facts-Full Cream Milk Vs Toned Milk

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Milk is such an inseparable part of our lives. There has always been lots of importance associated with drinking milk. As children we have all been chided to finish our glass of milk every day. After reading the benefits, I guess it is absolutely essential to include milk in our diet. Milk nutrition facts

Health benefits of milk

As per the National Dairy Council, milk contains nine essential nutrients that are beneficial to our health:

  • Protein: a source of energy that helps to build/repair muscle tissue
  • Potassium: It helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure
  • Phosphorus: It helps in strengthening bones and generating energy
  • Vitamin D: It helps in maintaining bone health
  • Vitamin A: It maintains the immune system and helps in maintaining normal vision and skin
  • Riboflavin (B2): Converts food consumed into energy
  • Niacin:It metabolizes sugars and fatty acids in the body

In a nut shell, milk is quite a winner when it comes to providing nutrition to the body.

Milk and weight loss

Studies have shown that when young adults consumed milk post weight training, they gained more muscle mass and lost more body fat than those individuals who had consumed different drinks that contained the same energy and macronutrients.

What is full cream milk?

Full-cream milk is whole milk. It is the milk that has had its cream blended in and homogenized. Whole milk is unaltered milk which is packed with its natural nutrients without removing or adding anything from the milk. The following nutrition chart provides all the nutritional details of whole milk:

Nutrition chart of whole milk                                                                                Net carbs- 11.66 g  

Source: USDA

What is toned milk?

Method of making toned milk has been developed in India, it involves addition of skim milk, powdered skim milk and water to buffalo milk. This process decreases the fat content and increases the quantity of available milk, plus the non-fat solids levels get toned up to the original amount. The following nutrition chart provides all the nutritional details of toned milk:

Nutrition chart of toned milk                                                                                             Net carbs- 11.2 g

The nutrition tables reflect the nutritional differences between toned and full cream milk. The USDA recommends that adults should consume 3 servings of milk (or cheese or yogurt) every day. Go get your glass of milk and stay fit.

Tarun – My two cents , oops 5 cents 😉

“The Nutrition tables of both full cream and toned milk are almost the same. However, there are few other aspects to be taken in consideration.

1. Full cream milk is most natural and minimal treated whereas preparation of toned milk exposes it to processing for extraction of fat. Here, full cream milk is a winner.

2. In some of the brands, toned milk has more carbs than full cream milk. Again,  full cream milk is a winner.

3. When a person consumes full cream milk and toned milk, the serving size changes without notice. You would need more toned milk to prepare tea or coffee , whereas less full cream milk for the same. Hence, the serving size of full cream milk is always smaller. 

4. Full cream milk gives more satiety. One glass of full cream milk will keep you full for a longer time but you may feel hungry soon in case of toned milk. Again,  full cream milk is a winner.

5. Low carbers – Full fat cream is the first choice for tea/coffee followed by full cream milk”

What’s your pick – Full cream milk or toned milk ?

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  1. Very well presented post… and loved those two oops five cents… When I was on a very low carb diet it was full fat cream and milk that came to my rescue… here I am talking about shudh Bhains ka doodh no water added . I remember my husband worrying “pata nahi kaisi dieting hai yeh ke poora din malai khati rahti hai..” lol.. So I ate a lot of malai and lost weight…. strange isn’t it?? I love full fat cream and milk. 🙂

  2. i too buy full fat milk than toned milk a cup of full fat milk keeps me full as compared to a cup of toned milk

  3. Saying yes to full-cream milk.. FCM is so useful, can make ghee home-made, yummy paneer as well. & toned milk tastes bad & also feels light..
    May be ours is one of a blog which supports eating yummy foods without deprivation.. A big Yayy to all..

  4. well said Anjali… we actually believe in eating real food… Cheers… that is what nature wants human beings to do. We were not made to eat processed food.

  5. Hello everyone

    Pls pls pls some one who really knows . Reply me
    My daughter is type 1 diabetic .. was detected recently at age aprox 2 years … we are now giving her 4 times insulin injection which is very hard for us.. and as per Dr advise we are giving her double tonned milk.. however i am confused weather to give toned/ skimmed milk. Or full cream .. can some 1 advise me .. or any good suggestion will be really appreciated .. and is there any cure for type 1 .. pls some one help meeee.


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