Is Your Shampoo Harmful?

Understanding The Ingredients In Skin Care Products

Is Your Shampoo Harmful? Find out!

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I love shampooing my hair. It is more a matter of need rather than choice when the climate is sultry! You feel refreshed after a shower, don’t you? So, you enter the washroom and lather up your hair with shampoo and then think about what important tasks lay ahead! Have you ever thought about what is there in your shampoo? A majority of you will say ‘No!’. You might have thought about its price, its suitability for your hair type and effectiveness but would have never gone deep into the ingredients listed.

Is Your Shampoo Harmful? What Should you do?


You should start thinking about what kind of chemicals are present in your shampoo and how they might pose serious health risks. Get into the washroom, pick up your shampoo bottle and read its ingredients. If it has any of the ingredients mentioned here, you should switch to some other brand immediately.

Toxins found in shower and skin care products

1) Propylene glycol

It is a skin irritant that is very toxic in nature and the most damaging one to the organs inside the body, It also makes the body absorb other chemicals through the skin. If your existing shampoo has this chemical just do away with it and search for something safer!

2) Sodium lauryl sulphate or SLS

Has shampoo ever entered into your eyes? Have you ever experienced a terrible burning sensation? You obviously have! While anything that gets into your yes will give you an unpleasant feeling, SLS is an extremely toxic irritant that is far more dangerous for your children and proper development of their eyes. It is also quite damaging for the environment. When it is not good for you or the environment, why use it?

3) Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

This ingredient is often mixed with ethylene dioxide or 1-4 dioxane and that makes it the most dangerous ingredient in your shampoo. It can cause cancer and lead to reproductive issues. It can even irritate the skin and eyes.

4) DEA and TEA

It is toxic to your immune system and organs and you would want such an ingredient in your shampoo. It can also cause allergies and even cancer. Apart from that, being contaminated with nitrosamines, it can be quire dangerous for your liver, digestive system and even your reproductive system.

5) PEG

This another toxic chemical that has ethylene dioxide or 1-4 dioxane in it the way SLS or sodium laureth sulfate has. This one is another ingredient that you need to be scared about.

The Final Word

It is disheartening to see that the products used by us on a daily basis for our bodies can be doing so much harm! However, all is not lost as there are many more totally safe personal care products available in the market that are not very expensive and will give your hair all the care they deserve.

Make your choice clear and let the companies earning profit by putting you at risk hear your voice. Buy products that are safe for you and your environment. This will reshape the demand in the market.

Hope this post ‘Is Your Shampoo Harmful?’ has been useful!

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