Sugar Free Nut Bites – Nut Recipe For Diabetics|Wheat Belly|Paleo

Nuts recipe paleo+high carbs

Sugar Free Nut Recipe

Hello everyone!

I made these nut bites a week and took some pictures in between making it.These bites are great for diabetics as they are allowed to eat any kind of nuts as long as they eat in moderation.Nuts are allowed in High protein low carbs  diets as well such as Paleo and Wheat Belly.Nuts not only makes you feel fuller  for long time so one doesn’t  get hungry often.

This recipe has dried figs and dates which have bit of sweetness there fore they taste bit sweet  in them and it reduce down the sugar craving of Diabetics as well as of  those who are trying to reduce weight.

Recipe is pretty simple and doesn’t take much of time .Also it has bit of salt also in it so its not completely sweet.It’s more of a combination of  salty and sweet ..It tastes but like peanut butter.

So here we go with recipe :

I have taken two cups of everything and made around 20 -25 bites.Rest depends upon the size of your bites as well.As we make these in lots and send it friends and family so I am here  giving you the quantity for 10-15 bites instead.

Ingredients of Sugar Free Nut Bites:-

1 cup almonds 1 cup peanuts 1 cup chopped figs 1 cup chopped dates 1 cup chopped walnuts salt as per taste black pepper as per taste( you can skip this if you  don’t like it ) Sugar/Honey (2tbsp. – I don’t  add sugar in it as the natural sweetnedd of figs and dates is good enough.It is completely your choice but then it won’t be paleo or that great for diabetics)

Olive oil/Butter – Or any oil which you are comfortable with.If you like coconut oil then go ahead and use that .

Step 1 – Take out the required quantity of nuts as mentioned in the ingredient list.I sauted peanuts and almonds in a pan.You ca roast them in microwave as well.It takes around 4-5 minutes in roasting them in the microwave.

Nuts recipe paleo+high carbs

Step 2 – Chop  dry figs and dates.So we now have roasted almonds, peanuts, figs, dates and walnuts.

Nuts recipe paleo india +wheat belly nuts recipe

Step 3 – Put all these things in a grinder and add bit of olive oil.As these doesn’t have water at all you need to add 1-2tbsp of olive oil in it. It generally grind them in 3-4 lots.

After grinding take them out in a container..Add salt ,black pepper , honey /sugar( I don’t use honey or sugar) and then make small round bites of it.

Nuts recipe+paleo +sweet india wheat belly

Store them in a air tight container and keep them in the fridge.

I genrally have 1-2 of these before workout or if I am hungry and I don’t have time I just have 2-3 of these and one glass of milk in my breakfast. These don’t look pretty but taste nice .Nut lovers are going to like these and if you like real sweet bites then don’t waste time in trying them out.


Stay healthy 🙂

Do share any sugar free nut recipe if you are aware of any 🙂

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    • I am having it since a month …it ofcourse won’t help u in losing weight but a great substitute for those who have sugar cravings..also for diabetics.


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