Tips For Good Standing Posture


Tips For Good Standing Posture

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

I am going to tell you few details about good posture to stand. I will tell why it is more important.

When you look at few people, you feel they are very confident and the way they carry themselves will be super bold. Let me ask you, have you ever noticed how they stand. Look at the below actress.

Tips For Good Standing Posture

Look at her,

  1. Shoulders straight
  2. Flat tummy
  3. Straight back
  4. Straight neck.

Whats Slouching ?

To sit, stand, or walk with an awkward, drooping, excessively relaxed posture. Most of us tend to stand walk like this.

slouching indian weight loss

Importance of Good Standing Posture

  1. Slouching will post lot of pressure on your spine and knee. It may result in osteoporosis.
  2. If you want to reduce your tummy. You need to stand straight ba ba.. Slouching will make your tummy appear bigger
  3. One more area where you slouching will critically affected is your neck
  4. You will look exhausted or you will exhibit unwillingness to work


bad standing posture

Tips For Good Standing Posture

  1. Stand straight
  2. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet. (as if you are going to run)
  3. Keep your shoulders straight. It may find little un-natural to stand like that. But remember, its a good habit.
  4. Push your butt outwards. (Do not feel shy to show off your assets ;))
  5. Push your head back and look straight.
  6. Practice it when you sit, stand and walk.
  7. Initially correct yourself and practice and finally that you will acquire that posture.

I always get inspired by actress Shreya Saran..Best posture to stand !

shreya saran hot

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  1. Aishwarya and Shreya are two ladies who have great posture and even Deepika padukone posture is really accurate..

    We had personality development classes in our school and there was this x miss India contestant who told us the importance of this but she also said that it takes lot of effort and time to get this..It’s not that these ladies got it easily they have worked on their posture.

    Great article..:)

  2. heheheehe Mitha :). We girls are expected to stand/walk with our eyes never leaving the ground ! N i being a nerd, always walk erect n look in the eye when I talk 😛

  3. Glad that many liked my article..i have very recently realised that im nw makn it a habit of standing straight to flaunt my tall figure..

  4. Yay..! Im glad that you all liked my article..i recently realised that im i made a habit of sitting nd standing that i can flaunt my tall figure


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