Top Exercises To Lose Weight – Part 2


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Happy Sunday 🙂 . Although today is a sleeeeepy day :P. I am going to share Part 2 of the series – Top Exercises To Lose Weight. You may like to read the first part of the series here.

Skipping/Rope Jumping

Calories Burnt: 600 – 900 calories/hour

Skipping is hard work but it burns calories intensely. Although it is difficult to skip for 1 hour continuously, you can increase the duration of skipping by jumping low(just enough to let the rope pass underneath your feet).

Top Exercises To Lose Weight skipping

Elliptical Trainer

Calories Burnt: 600 calories/hour

This is one of the best cardio which works on full body. Elliptical trainer helps to tone stomach to a great extent. If you have  a TV in front of you or music in your ears while working on on this machine, you can do it for a longer time !

Top Exercises To Lose Weight Elliptical trainer

Rock Climbing

Calories Burnt: 800 – 900 calories/hour

This is intense workout and fun too ;). You can go for rock climbing while you are on holiday. You can also do it indoors in a club.

 Top Exercises To Lose Weight rock climbing


Calories burned per hour: 600 calories/hour

This is a great workout and allows you to kick your best friend or foe if you prefer 😉 . Kickboxing is a great way of losing weight. After this exercise, you will find yourself completely exhausted !

Top Exercises To Lose Weight kickboxing


Calories burned per hour: 250 – 300 calories/hour

And you thought Gardening is for leisure? Aaaha, another reason of Gardening is to burn calories while you are taking care of your beautiful garden.

Top Exercises To Lose Weight gardening


Calories Burnt: 800 cals/hr

This is a wonderful cardio which tones your lower body – thighs and legs. You can easily indulge in Racquetball in a club while socializing.

Top Exercises To Lose Weight racquetball


Which is your favorite from Top Exercises To Lose Weight ?

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