Weight Loss Rules You Can’t Mess Up


Weight Loss Rules You Can’t Mess Up

Heya Everyone,

There are certain things which I would like to share with you , based on my experience. I have been pretty much tracking my weight daily since a few months. There are certain mistakes that we commonly do, thinking its good for us , but alas! happens otherwise.

Weight Loss Rules You Can’t Mess Up

Weight Loss Rules You Can't Mess Up

Skipping meals is not allowed

I received an email from a dieter who has joined our Weight Loss Program. She wrote that she thought eating dinner won’t be a nice move. So after workout in evening, she just had an apple and slept off. Another email from another dieter had no mention of BreakfastΒ in her meal plan. I thought its time again for revisiting basics. Eating healthy breakfast can jump start your metabolism. If you wish to lose weight, puts your metabolism to work as soon as you start day. As the day progresses and the man gets tired, eat less and give him some rest.

Change yourself to see a change in yourself

If change in your body is your goal, you need to change your eating habits. You cannot have all the unhealthy food in the world and still lose weight. None of us is perfect but if you can eat right 80-90 % of the time, you will definitely reach your goal.

Eating healthy foods does NOTΒ mean, you eat them all !

Portion control is extremely important. Eating healthy foods does not mean that you go overboard. Some of the healthy foods like ghee are high in nutrition but on calories too. You need to always be aware of your serving size , no matter how healthy or unhealthy a food is. In fact, unhealthy foods need a stricter portion control. In my cheat meal consisting of pasta, I count penne pieces before boiling so that I don’t eat excessively. In fact, I do it so that I have no leftovers to relish πŸ˜€

All calories are not same

If you are eating 500 calories from maggi and same from eggs, you might think its the same, unfortunately it is NOT !

There is no returning back to Old ways

If you think that after losing weight, you can get back to your old way of eating unhealthy, you are wrong. Its like a One way road, you can go but can’t come back !

Do you agree with these weight loss rules you can’t mess up ?


  1. Very True.. Wish these lessons we learnt, help others (newbies) & avoid making these mistakes.. πŸ™‚

  2. loved it . what u said is rght. i used to add ghee in my dosas and eat three to four dosas at a stretch. no wonder that is shown in my waist size

  3. I am good.. Travelling (boring work-related), year-end closing at office, in short.. busy.. i dont miss any articles.. smartphone jai ho..

  4. I lost 2-3 kgs which is small number but very evident on me as I am petite. Ppl used to comment i am losing weight, will fall sick, how good i luk chubby, etc .. Now the same ladies ask me how to reduce just belly part or just arm-flab, etc etc..

    When i try to explain them small meals concept, they say, “oooh i cant do that, so much to prepare, carry, etc” but eat 2-3 bowls of rice at a go.. How i wish i smack them on their head.. πŸ˜›

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