Weight Loss With Acai Berry


Weight Loss With Acai Berry

Have you heard about Acai berry? Do you want to know health benefits of Acai berry? Acai Berry are highly discussed as one of the elite superfoods with anti-aging and weight loss properties.

The Acai berry is an inch- long reddish – purple fruit. It comes from Acai palm tree. Acai berry is a species of palm tree in the genus Euterpe           cultivated for their fruit and superior hearts of palm.

Weight Loss With Acai Berry

Is Acai berry Healthy?

 Acai Berry is a good source of antioxidants, fiber and heart healthy fats. Acai contains main substances called Anthocyanins and Flavonoids       Anthocyanins and flavonoids are powerful anti oxidants that help defend the body against life stressors.

They also Play a role in the body’s cell protection system. Free radicals are harmful byproducts produced by the body. Eating a rich Diet in antioxidants help with aging and disease process by neutralizing free radicals.

Health Benefits of Acai berry

Acai berry pulp has a high antioxidant capacity even more than  in cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry.

Boosts Weight Loss: Plenty of reasearch supports eating a diet rich in anti oxidants helps in weight loss. All the berries and fruits play a significant role  in weight loss but there is something special about Acai’s abilities to shed excess pounds.

Helps in Detoxifation:  The anti oxidants in Acai berry: Anthocyanins and flavonoids helps in flushing toxins from the body by neutralizing free radicals in the body.

Boosts Energy: Before you start working out, simply eat these handful of delicious fruit and you are ready to go. Acai berry contains omega acids that improve the metabolism rate making you feel much lighter and energetic.

Improves Digestion: Regular intake of acai berries keeps your digestive system clean and helps in functioning well. The fruit is a natural source of dietary fiber, which aids healthy digestion keeping problems like bloating and constipation away.

Controls Cholesterol and keep the heart healthy: Acai berry antioxidants helps in lowering cholesterol  levels in blood stream. It occupies the space that cholesterol would take in the body, preventing the risk of heart ailments.

Overall, all the health benefits of Acai berry points to the main benefit of weight loss. So what are you waiting for? Add this super food to your diet and see the visible results in couple of days.

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