Weight Watcher-How To Pack Lunch Box?


Weight Watcher-How To Pack Lunch Box?

Its crucial for a weight watcher to monitor portion size otherwise dieting can go haywire. Watching serving size while eating junk is mandatory.Watching serving size while eating healthy is necessity. To understand this concept, check out two fantastic posts to understand the importance if portion size/serving here and how over consumption of healthy foods can prove to be fatal here.

Eating in small plates is an easy way of controlling portion size. Similarly, your lunch box also needs a makeover if you are working.

This post was requested from a reader who was curious to know how do I pack my lunch box.

Last year when I started eating healthy, I bought a signora lunch box for office which had 1 big round flat container and two small containers. The bigger container could be used for keeping rotis/rice. The smaller ones could be used for keeping veggies, curd, pulses, salad etc. During that time, my diet closely resembled a paleo diet. I carried brown rice in the bigger container, salad and curd in smaller containers.

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When I switched to low carb lifestyle, I bought two more containers from tupperware, luckily I managed the same color πŸ˜› , all pinky pinky πŸ˜€

Β Weight Watcher-How To Pack Lunch Box (2)

The container which is in the center in the below picture, I use it for carrying soups most of the times. Its usually broccoli cheesy soup, recipe here. Its depth is good, so ideal for carrying liquids. When I don’t carry soup, I usually carry salad in it. Sometimes I carry veggies like cabbage. Basically, the food item that I need to eat the most, goes here. Can you noticeΒ how small this container is as compared to my previous container ?

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The below one in the center, I use mostly for curd , yumm :). This also is half the size of my previous box.

Β Weight Watcher-How To Pack Lunch Box (3)

The 2 small containers from my old tiffin, I use these for carrying snacks, like boiled eggs, cheese, peanuts, nuts etc. If I am carrying brown rice, I use this smallest container only.

I wanted to show you my lunch box but I am always rushing for office πŸ˜› . I am on Instagram, will keep sharing my maddening life there, will share the details of my instagram soon !

By the way, I got a Pinky water bottle … and iPhone cover too πŸ˜€ , call me insane !

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I have shared how I carry BPC or shakes or buttermilk to office, details here.

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How do you carry your lunch and snacks to office ?

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  1. I always try to carry salads to work. But i always find my salad loses it freshness at the time of lunch. Also it becomes watery . Is there any tip to keep salad fresh?

  2. Rinu, get good lunch box first of all, which is air tight. Also, don’t sprinkle salt;it makes salad watery. I carry salad without any sauces or sat/pepper. I keep lemon as is, and squeeze just before eating, same goes will salt/pepper. I don’t carry onion, doesn’t feel edible after a few hours.

  3. Mine is 3 box. rice, curry, any snack / tiffin.. i also keep roasted peanuts / biscuits at my desk..


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