Life These Days-When Low Carb Lifestyle Stops Working!


When Low Carb Lifestyle Stops Working!

Bonjour Everyone,

Hope 2016 is turning a great year for you guys! I wish you guys to be “healthiest and fittest you” this year. I can’t say the same about myself though. Once again, I have hit the biggest stall ever, pat my back ! It has been over 8 months, I have managed to lose just 2-3 kgs which leep yoyoing. I managed to lose these 2 kgs with the help of a personal trainer and with great difficulty. Yes I really mean GREAT which implies that I slogged. I lost a few inches and gained good muscle mass, perhaps that is the reason I can’t see the weighing scale doing down. I lost some fat, but not weight. I can blame this situation on my thyroid, stress, full time job, IWB blaa blaa. May be I could blame you guys too 😀

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When Low Carb Lifestyle Stops Working, people like me struggle to lose weight. I have been low carbing for quite a few years and since the past 1 year, I have literally struggled to lose weight with this lifestyle. It could be because my body is used to my eating habits. “Low carb” is now a normal way of eating for me. I sometimes think if my digestive system could talk, it would say “Who cares what you give me, I will continue to work like I have been doing and will not change, no matter WHAT!!”

Since I was so desperate, I tried to follow low calorie diets too which are beyond my thought process.  I swear I never felt so starved, irritated and tortured like I did on these disgusting plans. These are typically “diets” which you can’t do for long unlike low carbing which is a lifestyle. To sum up, I am screwed and nothing seems to work.

I am now open to ideas! I am reading a lot on raw vegan diet plans and no grain diet plans.  I am a vegetarian – no meat for me! This means carnivore way of eating is out of question for me.

I am planning to decide a plan for me, by coming weekend. I will plan my week ahead and jump on it for a week! If you wish to do the plan with me, please comment below, we can team up! I am not sure if Indian raw vegan diet plan makes one starve! If you have any experience with it, please let me know. It is weird that I can help so many people to lose weight with IWB weight loss program using the same protocol – Low carb lifestyle but I myself am now not able to progress.

I think it is high time I have not given a shock to my body for it to start losing weight again. We shall see who wins haah! I will keep you posted on my next experiment this weekend, let me know if you will accompany me 😉

Till we meet again, I say good bye!



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  1. try the 17 day diet plan.. i have been reading the book and started on cycle one couple of days makes sense though.. just a thought..

  2. Hi tarun
    I have been a silent follower of u guys n i too follow low carb lifestyle.BUT same is the case with me.i too managed to go upto 72kgs but the moment i binge or go on vacation i bounce back to 76???.thishas beenmy story whole of last year with the same low cal(GM etc etc)diets.
    I plan to follow raw vegan diet from 1st feb…
    Please do let me what u plan n the results that follow!!!

  3. Hi Tarun,
    We Indians consume less raw foods, they generally comprise of either salads or juices. I don’t know about others but I did starve when I tried to eat raw foods for a week with no definite meal plan/ order. I always craved for nicely cooked stuff.
    I suggest, you include one/two raw dishes with each meal of yours. Gradually when you get a hang of it,increase the dishes or go totally raw. Hope this helps.:-)
    Please do share your meal plan,coz m also stuck with my excess bodyweight due to hormonal imbalances.

  4. Pragnya, I consume loads of salad before every meal but its true that we Indians consume more cooked food. I am totally on raw vegan plan for now.

  5. Tarun,

    have you worked out your week plan for vegan diet. ?? Can you please share. I would like to try this for a week. Does this mean no eggs??

  6. Hey tarun,
    Did the vegan plan work for u ?as u stopped posting updates on fb.wanted to know how it fared for u as imin the same boat….

  7. Hi Ramita, I followed the plan for a week and yes it did help me to detox. However I am finding it difficult to stick to the plan completely, nowadays m eating grain free but not completely vegan. Planning to repeat completely vegan plan for a week starting 20th of this month!

    Did the plan help you? I am sorry, I stopped updating FB coz there was not much response on it!


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