Why Indians Love Junk Food?


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Why Indians Love Junk Food?

After a very long time, today is Talk Day 😀 I do check IWB emails when I get a breather in office or get bored 😛 . An email landed in my mail box today from a 22-year-old. She said that she just loved to eat junk food and hated to exercise. She mentioned she had PCOS and wanted to shed weight! I laughed after reading her email but was not surprised. Who would not want to eat all yummy food and still shed weight? Who would not want to not move bum and still shed weight? Wel,l there are people who differ, but they are rare! Most of the Indians have become couch potatoes. Obesity in India is ever on the increase, thanks to delicious junk food. I am sitting here and pondering -:

Why We Indians Love Junk Food?

Do Indians Love Junk Food because junk food is delicious?

rajma chawalWell, so is Rajma Chawal. I am safely assuming Rajma Chawal would be a bit more nutritious than Pizza hut’s/Dominoes Pizza or McDonald’s burgers if not more.

Do Indians Love Junk Food because it’s faster?

protein rich paneer cheese sandwich howOur meal reaches in flat 30 minutes else it’s a free party. Well, a brown bread mouthwatering cheese sandwich takes maximum 15 minutes for preparation and boiled eggs take less than 5 minutes.

Do Indians Love Junk Food because we sound cool when we don’t cook and prefer takeaways?

In my opinion, chefs earn a fortune nowadays because they can cook well and unfortunately others can’t or don’t want to.

Do Indians Love Junk Food because it is cheaper?

I think all fast food chains burn a hole in our pockets. One may argue that Mcdonald’s burger costs just Rs 26 with taxes, my next question is, do we eat only 1 burger?

Do Indians Love Junk Food because we care more about our tongue and less about our body?

Precisely, yes! We eat what we yearn for, what our tongue wants to taste and don’t care a damn what it does to our body. By the way, I saw a video of Mcdonald’s burger dipped into acids similar to those found in our tummy. That burger looked Ewwwwwwww after a few hours, we can imagine that it becomes the same way in our stomach. Google out the video!

Do Indians Love Junk Food because we are lazy and don’t care what our laziness does to our body?

Are you sitting too muchRight there, yes! We don’t care if we are sitting too much. We don’t even think what would be the consequences of not doing bare minimum physical activity required to keep us active and in good health.

Do Indians Love Junk Food because we don’t have time to cook?

Seriously!! Not even 15 minutes! I am not the right person to comment on this reason errr excuse. I travel for approximately 2.5-3 hours a day, spend 10hours in office. I work on IWB after I reach home, I do walk for 20-30 minutes, take stairs in office. My cook is absconding since a month and I have eaten outside twice in a month out of which one meal was totally low carb. So I am still pondering why Indians Love Junk Food and have not reached any conclusion.

Can you help me understand?



Why Indians Love Junk Food, Do you have any valid answer?

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  1. Hey Tarun, its not just Indians. check out the obesity rate in USA and you would be surprised. I guess the reason is we are never brought up with the mentality to respect our body, hence we dont care what goes in it. :@

  2. Tarun- I read Junk and I woke up from my snooze @ my desk…J/K but the picture of pizza made me crave for one…I have not had once since May this year…nt tht I am missing it but just feel like it every now and then…sigh which reminds me that I have to finish my jog for the day…I know I sound like a whiner…bt feel like it today.

  3. Pooja, I wrote that we are third most obese nation after US and China. But as a selfish citizen, I am more concerned about my country 🙂

  4. I agree. We like to say we order in from nearby places, or enjoy fancy meals at more fancy places and to top that “my maid didn’t turn up” day is really bratty.

    Love your post

  5. Tarun- You are giving me permission to have Pizzzaaa??? aapki tabiyat theekh hain na? 😉 Lolz…I will go for my kick boxing class on Sunday and then think of it…bt fr now…last 2 days did not feel like wrking out at all…it’s super cold and I am feeling like Blah…I knw no excuse bt will jog 2mrw…after a break of 2 days..

  6. Deeps I was reading your comments along with Tarun’s so can’t stop myself from hopping in between…. There is no harm in having junk once in a fortnight BUT the questionable thing is the quantity…. if you can stop at 1 or 2 slices fine…… now another thing about working out in winters…. Do try Leslie Sansone’s walk At Home program… you will feel real warm and comfy with it and in house walks at home during winters are always welcome.

  7. Great post-Tarun and to be honest presently western countries are shifting towards healthy organic and home eating while we Indians are shamelessly copying their unhealthy habits of eating but then wrong path is always more tempting than the right one.

  8. Kananji you and hopping in between??you are toh like our guru abt all this…I agree with you abt pizza and WAH…smehw with WAH nt sweating enuf…so I feel hvent done anythng…also with 2 slices of pizza…feels like has nthng…rather I eat 1 or 2 rotis with a bowl of palak paneer…if u knw wt I mean 🙂

  9. Hi! I googled ‘why Indian women gain weight after marriage’ and was led to this site. I’m very impressed with well-informed, thought provoking articles. I’m coming back to you, promise 🙂 By the way, I would like to share my pre and post weight loss pictures, if it could inspire/ motivate someone. Thanks.


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