Women’s Health and Self-Assessment


Hi girlies..

Here I come with up an informative article which every woman should know about. Do you know it’s very important to notice even a single change occurred in your body?

A small change can help in detecting something major that could happen in the future. Before we could detect the symptoms of any ailment we are suffering from, it could be detected earlier by keeping a self check and preventing it. You must have heard prevention is better than cure. So here we go, how we could do that.

Your body tries to tell you when something is getting wrong, so take out some time for you and listen to your body. Notice while taking a shower, and consult doctor even if you notice a mole on your breast or a new line on a fingernail or even any bump on your eyelid, as these could be critical in detecting even life threatening diseases.

Women’s Health and Self-Assessment

Women's Health and Self-Assessment

1. Notice your Eyelid

Lookout if you get any lumps that could be white or waxy on your eyelids and which cannot be removed by eye makeup or you not getting relieved from any eye drops. That could be a reason for high cholesterol. High Cholesterol can result in lumps on the eyelid so consult your doctor and get your cholesterol checked.

Cholesterol block arteries and increases heart attack chances. It could be lowered by doing regular exercises, eating healthy and hence losing weight.

2. Notice your nails

Moles are not only a criteria to detect skin cancer, your nails can tell the truth too. Yellowish, brown or black strips in your nails can indicate skin cancer. It could be melanoma, which is a skin cancer. Don’t forget early detection in cancer can help in treatment and save your life.

As soon as you detect any these changes in your nails, consult a doctor possibly a Derma. This could occur because of fair skin or extended sun exposure, mainly a sunburn can be a reason for this disease so never forget to wear a good sun block before you leave home.

3. Notice  your Skin

If you see oily skin and occurrence of pimples or growth of thick hair on your face, chest, stomach, back, thumbs or toes. If you notice irregular periods, the reason could be overproduction of male sex hormones. That is it could be polycystic ovary syndrome. Don’t afraid and don’t be embarrassed. Consult your doctor and get your pelvic exam, blood test or vaginal ultrasound to diagnose. While there is currently no hard and fast cure for PCOS, but lifestyle changes can help a lot !

4. Notice  your Armpits

Watch out if there is a patch of rough or dry skin on your armpits, that could be due to diabetes. Excess  insulin can cause skin cells multiply abnormally fast and result in buildup of tissue and melanin under armpits.

If you are overweight too that the chances of diabetes can be high so get the test done immediately and consult a doctor.

5.  Notice your Flow

If you see spotting all month, it could be because of irregular vaginal bleeding you to stress. The symptoms can be of uterine fibroids or even cervical cancer. A woman can experience bleeding between periods, after sex or even after menopause. First of all consult your gynecologist  , she may get cervical cancer test done. Don’t be afraid, you could get to oral contraceptives to regulate your menstrual cycle.

6. Notice your body

If you feel any lumps inside your skin, wherever in the body that can be due to cysts. Maybe you developed cysts in your body, which needs surgery to get removed. Earlier, it is detected, easier to get rid of it. Consult your doctor if you notice a permanent lump inside your skin.

So don’t ignore any changes or new findings in your body thinking it’s not important. It could be very important to prevent even life threatening diseases. Be aware and stay healthy. I hope this piece of information helps you girls 🙂

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