Zenith Nutrition StressFly Review-Manage Stress With StressFly


Zenith Nutrition StressFly Review

Helloo all.

As you all must have observed that I am writing many reviews about various supplements from Zenith Nutrition and the simple reason being that the products are good .. real good. Best is that they have a supplement ready for most of the problems which are related to bad lifestyle of today. Today I am writing a review for Zenith Nutrition StressFly, which is a potent combination of B-complex with Ashwagandha!

Zenith Nutrition StressFly fitnessvsweightloss


Zenith Nutrition StressFly ingredients

As we all know well that Ashwagandha soothes and calms down the stressed mind and nerves. It also helps to normalize the sympathetic tone that is increased in Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. Ashwagandha helps in relieving nervous exhaustion, brain fog, loss of memory, loss of muscular energy also. Read about Aswagandha here.

All about B-Complex

The B-Complex of vitamins is a group of twelve substances which work very closely together. Out of these twelve eight are essential vitamins which must be obtained through proper diet. These are Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), Pyroxidine (B6), Biotin (B7), Folic Acid (B9), and Cobalamin (B12). There is research and some debate going on over whether or not Biotin is actually a vitamin.

The other non-essential elements which can be made by the body include Inositol, PABA, Choline, and Lipoic Acid. Vitabase B-Complex includes all the components except Lipoic Acid.

How B-Complex works?

The B-Complex of vitamins work together to accomplish various important tasks in the body. These are linked to each other. More than often a deficiency of one B-vitamin means there is a deficiency in others. Among its many roles, the B-Complex performs some other important roles too like –

  • Is central to energy production utilizing nutrients in the diet
  • Maintains healthy red blood cells
  • Supports immune function
  • Regulates cell growth
  • Reduces levels of homocysteine, a key marker for heart disease (Folic Acid, B6 and B12 work together)

Individually all these elements have their own unique contribution to health and are required for overall good health. For example on one hand where niacin can contribute to lower cholesterol levels, B6 has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Our brain relies on thiamine’s role of converting glucose to energy to function properly and pantothenic acid is necessary for proper growth and development. Many other potential benefits are associated with the B-complex.

Why StressFly?

Zenith Nutrition StressFly Review

As you have read above that all the goodness of the combination of B-complex with Ashwagandha is available in Zenith Nutrition StressFly so do I need any other reason to include this in my and my family’s daily diet?


As StressFly is a dietary supplement, so one needs to take 1 capsule daily or as directed by a physician.

Pros and Cons

All the health benefits of Ashwagandha and B-complex makes it a good health supplement for the whole family and even for the Vegetarian or Vegan ones as like all other supplements from Zenith Nutrition, this one also comes in a vegetarian capsule.
Retail price is Rs. 1,220.00 which seems a bit high for a 60 capsules pack. But as I believe health supplements must be of a standard company, and undoubtedly Zenith Nutrition has made its mark in the market for its good quality of health products.

Final Verdict

Go for it. It’s worth a try and then you will feel like staying with it forever for your multiple nutritional needs.

Must try Zenith Nutrition StressFly after reading this review.

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  1. hi, first salute for what u r doing for people like us and then thanks for ur efforts.
    maam, i just have a question that as u mentioned in ur first and second post that u lost 7kg in a month,
    than how much time it took for rest 23kgs. as u said u started around october 2011 and lost 25kg by the end of april2012 (makes it 6 months only). then why it says u took 2 years to lose 30 kg.

  2. Hi Happy, thanks for acknowledging our efforts here. Now coming to your question… Yes initial ten to twelve kilos are easy to lose if you are too fat…like I was 98 kilos when I started. But real hard work and effort is needed to lose the rest of the weight. When your metabolism is low, you have a tendency to put the weight back overnight and you are bad at controlling your taste buds…then it takes too long.
    I was 67 kilos in july 2013 BUT the journey still is on as I keep losing focus and keep getting back some weight. But I always remember and everyone who is trying to control weight must, that weight loss is a life-long journey and you give in between but that is human… so like me keep going till you feel you have reached your destination. Weight loss is not only losing weight, the maintenance of the lost weight is more challenging.

  3. hi,thanks for fast reply, i am a male 47 , 5’8 inch with a body weight of 80 kg, and i wanna lose at least
    20 kg . If i do my best , follow diet and exer properly , Is it possible to lose it in 6 months.

  4. my question is u lost 25kg in 5 or 6 months which means nearly 25% of ur total weight with height of 5’2″.
    Is it possible in my case with body weight of 80kg and 5’8″ height that i can lose 25% fat of my body in 6 months on age of 47?

  5. yes, a good exercise and eating schedule will help you but you will have to stop all kinds of sugars. Walk minimum 5-6 km daily.

  6. Happy, there is nothing that is impossible in this world…. work out hard, eat low carbohydrate diet and you will be good to go.

  7. I m planning to follow low carb high protein diet bt I m confused about dinner especially in summers… can u pls suggest some..??


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