How Restaurants Make You Eat More And Pay More


How Restaurants Make You Eat More And Pay More

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Restaurants are running for profit and do you know what all tactics they resort to make the most of it? Well if you don’t this post is mainly meant for explaining how restaurants make you eat more and pay more.

How Restaurants Make You Eat More And Pay More

Enter a plush restaurant and you will notice the following:

  • Loud music
  • Loud colours
  • Extremely high cooling


Why is it so? All point in one direction: Making you eat more food. A new study done in this line involved two groups of people. One group was made to sit in dimmer lights and softer music than the other group. The result? People who ate in the quieter surroundings ate 18% less food than the group that was in a brightly lit and noisier room. What does this mean? It means that more relaxed the environment the more satisfied and satiated the diner is.

Food portion

portion control plate

Now coming to the food portion offered you know that your portion size is larger at the restaurant. You will land up eating more than you usually eat at home. On an average you will easily down 1000 to 1500 calories.

Eating fast vs benefits of eating slowly

Enter the restaurant and your eating slowly habits go out of the window. You eat fast and don’t realise when you are full and keep ordering dishes. This increases your bill tremendously and that is what restaurants aim at.

If you chew your food twice as slowly as you normally would, it would decrease your calorie consumption. Also if you chew slowly, your food will be digested better. Larger amounts of your digestive enzymes are in your mouth than in your stomach. Chewing your food longer can reduce the burden on your digestive system as it is broken down better in the mouth. Eating slowly also makes you relish the food.

Some handy tips when you visit the restaurant

Turn off the TV

I have seen a lot of restaurants switching on the TV for their customers to keep them entertained. The truth is that they want to keep the customers eating. (that’s how they will earn profit ;)).

The TV is bound to get you distracted. You won’t be paying attention to your food and will end up eating more than required and still not realise anything. Kindly request the waiter to turn the TV off.

Bring a jacket or sweater along

If you feel that the restaurant you usually visit is really to cool to handle then you can bring along a jacket or sweater. The cooling is basically done to make you eat more. It has been found by researchers that by lowering the room temperature by 10 degrees can increase the food consumption of a person by 20%. I wonder from where these restaurant people get all the information to bulk up their profits!! So, be aware and be warm to keep your appetite normal.

Skip the alcohol

alcohol cocktail

The waiter would love to bring you drink after drink but do you know that alcohol will increase your appetite and you are likely to indulge more. The trick here that is adopted by the restaurant guys is that they offer you a drink before the arrival of your main course. Skip the alcohol altogether or have it along with your food.

Here is a guide to eating healthy at different restaurants : Chinese, Mexican, South Indian, Italian.

Now you know how restaurants are making you eat more and pay more!

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