0 Calorie Sweetener Equal Products Review


0 Calorie Sweetener Equal Products Review

Heya everyone,

This post was requested by one of our dear readers. A lot of people in India who use artificial sweeteners trust the ‘Equal’ brand a lot. Let us take a critic approach to review Equal products. I have not used Equal sweeteners, so I am picking pictures and ingredient list from their website for analysis. I don’t think this post requires a detailed description, you will know why when you finish reading!

Equal as a brand has 4 products named as –

  • Original,
  • Sucralose,
  • Saccharine,
  • Next.


0 Calorie Sweetener Equal Products Review

Ingredient List and Nutrition Facts

Do you notice Aspartame in the pic below? Read here to know how dangerous Aspartame is!

equal original review ingredient

Sucralose equal sucralose review

Ingredient List and Nutrition Facts

Emphasis on Splenda and Sucralose! Read here to know if Splenda/sucralose is good for us.

equal sucralose review ingredient


Equal sachharin review

Ingredient List and Nutrition Facts

Saccharin is a sulfa-based sweetener with the primary ingredient – benzoic sulfimide. The side effects of saccharin include nausea, diarrhea, skin problems, or other allergy-related symptoms.

Concerns: The early research of saccharin showed that this sweetener caused bladder cancer in rats. Scary right?

This is the reason that saccharin has been the most investigated of all artificial sweeteners. No connection between saccharin and bladder cancer in humans has been proven to date.

Equal sachharin review ingredient


equal next review

Ingredient List and Nutrition Facts

Equal Next contains both aspartame and saccharin both; two villains better than one 😛

equal next review ingredient

In my honest opinion, all these Equal products are unsafe to use. I will review Sugar-Free Gold and Stevia in the coming posts for you to choose a sweetener wisely.

Which Equal product do you use? Let us know.


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