1 Week No Junk Challenge-Day 2


no to junk food1 Week No Junk Challenge-Day 2

Helooooo everyone out there…. 🙂

Have you all started your 1 Week No Junk Challenge? I had started two days back and am going strong.

Why I took the challenge?

I had been a JUNKIE since childhood and had always thought that my survival without breads, biscuits and cakes was just simply impossible, till one fine day I decided to stop all junk food out of my life in 2011 -12. Life was beautiful, clothes were great, morale very high….till I thought that a few slices of bread, pizza or a few cookies and cakes won’t really hurt. A few golgappas here, a few bites of samosa there and I saw my clothes not fitting again…. a straight gain of 5 kilos was there. “Oh!!! doesn’t matter”, I thought since I know how to reduce now I will be able to do it again. BUT NO this time the fat was a real tough cookie and to add to my woe, seeing my disc and arthritis condition my doctor told me to stop jogging or running. Thus I decided to go for this 1 Week No Junk Challenge as I was actually finding it difficult to control my cravings for all kinds of junk food. Scared and apprehensive — yes I was…. confident!!! NO, I wasn’t at all…. but then I had always been an impulsive person… so just gave up junk once again …. thanks to you all who motivated me by saying yes to this challenge. Thank you everyone.

I have already done two days of No Junk and I have decided to do something different with my life this time. Do a few things I had never dared to do. oh! yes another thing I need to share with you all that this time I have decided not to plan anything….will eat whatever healthy will be available there in the fridge and hide away all the junk from my line of sight.


My morning starts with two glasses of hot water..drinking hot water early in the morning is something I had HATED all through still I am doing it …. just because I need to break my habits and come out of my comfort zone. So this is one thing new I am doing in this challenge week. After those two glasses I keep having room temperature or cold water throughout the day. By the end of the day I polish off minimum 6-8 liters of water.

Tea and Coffee

I had always been addicted to tea and coffee since my school days and even now my morning starts with not one but 4-5 MUGS of tea…(Thankfully I like my tea without sugar and very less milk) Coffee, I need minimum one MUG black with stevia… so on day one I decided that this week is going to make me reduce my tea intake and coffee I have decided to have every alternate day. Till the end of day 2 I have managed with just three mugs of tea throughout the day and NO COFFEE at all. 🙂


I am not a breakfast person but during my first two days I had veggie and fruit smoothies. So yes I have brought a change there too and started having breakfast also. This is what I had

strawberry smoothie day 2A water based smoothie with—

  • 100gm strawberries

  • 100gm cucumber

  • 100gm carrots

  • 1tbsp aloe vera extract

  • half lemon juice

  • 5 almonds

  • 2 gm flax seeds.

It got me 1.5 glasses of smoothie which i easily converted into 2 by adding extra water to the blender 😛 (well all mommies do that..isn’t it) I just added sendha namak to it… (Navratri stock you see  😛 )

Main meals

lunch and dinner, the two main meals had been eggs and paneer with lots of veggies. I wanted to have boiled but had sauteed in olive oil with just salt and pepper with a sprinkle of lime juice.


Snacking was whole cucumber slit lengthwise in the morning and some (50 gms) roasted chana, soyabeans and peanuts mixed with a mug of tea in the evening.

Calorie burn

Now this is something that is my biggest challenge this week…. burning minimum 500 calories daily and walking minimum 10,000 steps daily. So it is minimum 4-5 miles leslie Sansone’s Walk at home program with walk with my dog at night after finishing WAH.

leslie sansone walk away the poundsHow did I feel?

First day went off saying NO to cookies and strangely on second day I realized that I didn’t think about them even once not even when there was a whole packet open in front of me. So yes the day went fine .. I am happy and satisfied for getting on recovery mode. See you again on day 4 of this challenge..till then fight fat and stay strong.

How was your day 2 of 1 week No Junk Challenge?

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