1 Week No Junk Challenge-Day 5


1 Week No Junk Challenge-Day 5

Heya Everyone,

Today is Day 5, so far so good. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I have a very bad “chatapataa tooth”. Every now and then, I crave for papdi chaat, bhel puri and dahi bhallaa πŸ™

As soon as I woke up, I wanted to have aaloo tikki. I wish my taste buds knew that tikki is not a breakfast item lol. By noon, I gave in πŸ™ . I knew that I need to have something that I can fool as tikki πŸ˜‰

I Β prepared these paneer and vegetable kabaab and had with cheese sauce πŸ˜› . Recipe coming soon!

veg kebabs with cottage cheese 1

Do let me know what you eat when you have such a craving!

I over did fruits today, had an apple, orange, few grapes and pomegranate and skipped grains completely. If you wish to detox, you can also do a fasting day. Have fruits whole day. Have buttermilk or curd whenever you are hungry. Have a bowl of vegetable salad with hung curd for dinner. Its always a good break, for body as well as you. No cooking that day πŸ˜›

Another good news is that I have started swimming, yayyy πŸ™‚ . Although, just went for a day in the last 2 days. I will certainly try to use swimming as a cardio during cardio designated days , more often πŸ˜€

See my swimming outfit, lol I just want to show off πŸ˜›

swimming costume India 4

I am also doing Leslie Sansone 2-3 miles during weekdays! As far as walking is concerned , I don’t think I am walking 10,000 steps a day, I guess I would be doing around 5000 but since I compensate it with exercise, it should be okay.

In the last day update, I will certainly let you know what difference did this challenge make in my life. You too, do share your experience !

2 more days to go, stay tuned !



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  1. Hi,

    I like the swim suit too, is it available online? can you please share the details?


  2. Suman, you can find similar suits online. Check out the brand – Amante πŸ™‚ . Hope that helps!


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